Weightlifting Strength Training Workouts: Know-How Is It Beneficial For Women?

Weight lifting for women beginners: Do you want to keep yourself fit? Then try weightlifting as it has many health benefits. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Apr 01, 2021 19:16 IST
Weightlifting Strength Training Workouts: Know-How Is It Beneficial For Women?

Strength training for core exercises: Do you want to be healthy in a shorter period? If yes, then don't worry as you are not the only person to think so. Many women wonder how to stay fit or remain healthy. Just remember that you do not need to take much time to keep fit. You know some ways to keep yourself fit, which will help you to lose weight as well as help you to stay healthy. What should be the approach? The best way is to get a fitness trainer for you. Your trainer will pay full attention to keeping you fit and will keep you more healthy in less time. But as we understand that not everyone can have their trainer, hence, we will tell you some ways through which the women can succeed in keeping themselves fit. 

Here are some benefits of weightlifting 

  • Weightlifting boosts your self-confidence: Exercising with weight training is the right way for women to increase their self-confidence. When you feel that you are fit and you have started fitting your old clothes, then this brings a positive effect on you every day. 
  • Get to the gym.
  • Counting the repetitions as you practice each set of muscles.
  • Become a part of the flow of activity.
  • Understand the positive changes to the body — all these can add to a sense of self-confidence and independence.
  • Weightlifting to strengthen bones: The risk of bone diseases increases with age in women. Studies also show that weight training (weightlifting) helps reduce bone weakness and disorders. Weightlifting can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and increase bone density. Do you know that stressing your bones can help you manage your weight? Weightlifting can help you lose weight, and it can help you burn more calories by boosting your metabolism. 
  • Weightlifting to lose weight: Several women concentrate on doing cardio exercises to lose weight. But there is better weight training (weightlifting) than that which is more effective and affects the body fat in less time. Whereas cardio exercise only works to burn calories. At the same time, weight training will also make muscle tissue, burn calories and works to increase the rate of metabolism.
  • Weightlifting for PCOS: Weight lifting is very beneficial for those who are worried about blood sugar level management, such as women who have diabetes. Many women are experiencing PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and the insulin levels are also not working correctly, because the hormones in your body are not balanced. 
  • Weight lifting for women beginners: Many women think that reducing weight by weightlifting is only the job of men and only men can do it. But ladies, it is wrong for you to believe so. You can also lose weight by adopting methods of the same techniques. Apart from this, it will also help in reducing the fat from your body. 
  • Weightlifting for hormonal health: Weightlifting is very beneficial for women's hormonal health. The first thing is that weight lifting also works to increase the insulin level in the body. Along with this, it also works to circulate the cortisol level in your body by keeping the tissue in your body healthy. 

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