Health Benefits Of Keeping Your Spine Straight. What Happens When You Don't

Along with the many benefits of straight spine, it can effectively address the nagging problem of back pain. Know how a good posture can help.

Parmita Uniyal
Written by: Parmita UniyalUpdated at: Jun 08, 2021 19:50 IST
Health Benefits Of Keeping Your Spine Straight. What Happens When You Don't

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Besides adding to one's personality and confidence, good posture keeps many problems related to muscles and joint away. No wonder, the moment a yoga class starts the instructor asks the participating members to keep the spine straight, head up and also chin up. A wrong posture could exert pressure on joints and muscles. Spine being the axis of the body, keeping it straight ensures other parts are also in the right alignment. Along with very many benefits of straight spine, it can effectively address the nagging problem of back pain. Not without reason, our elders put a lot of stress on keeping spine erect as it is considered very important for right positioning of all internal organs.

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Dr Devashree Vora, Pedeatric Physiotherapist, AquaCentric Therapy Pvt Ltd elaborates on health benefits of a good posture and how it helps to balance muscles, improves lung function, improved blood flow, good digestion and for nerve mobility. Here are the benefits of keeping your spine straight:

Less Injuries And No Back Pain

We are under the influence of our own body weight and gravity. Whether we are sitting, standing or lying down, gravity and the weight of different parts of the body are acting on us. It affects especially the weight-bearing joints like legs, joints in the lower limbs and spine primarily.

Having a good posture distributes the effect of gravity and body weight perpetually and equally so that one part of the spine is not overstretched or overloaded which in turn will result in fewer chances of leg injuries and less chances of neck and back pain, says Dr. Vora.

Improves Lung Function

Having good posture also ensures lung is functioning at the right capacity. If your spine is not aligned well, it will impact your rib cage and that will affect your lung capacity and you are not breathing well either, Dr. Vora adds.

Health Benefits of Keeping Your Spine Straight

Aids Blood Flow And Digestion

Apart from that having a good posture aids in blood flow and good digestion. When you sit straight, your internal organs in your stomach and abdomen areas are able to function without getting compressed.

Prevents Joint Pain

If one part is overstretched there will be muscle imbalances. For example, if we are working at a computer, we are so engrossed in it that we tend to round our shoulder and hunch our back. So basically the parts that are in front tend to tight. The structures like the soft tissues and the muscles on the back tend to go into the elongated stretched position and there is muscle imbalance. This if done over a period of time will result in joint pains. 

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Improves Nerve Mobility

A good posture is also important for nerve mobility. A lot of people who have wrong sitting postures get pain in the buttock that goes down the leg and the nerve mobility is also restricted. The blood supply to the nerve is rejected and that give you that tingling pain.

Tips to improve posture

Tips To Improve Your Posture

Dr. Vora also recommends some tips to set the body posture right to prevent health problems.

  • One needs to be aware that you are distributing the weight equally and symmetrically 
  • You must focus on preparing the right set-up for your work or studies. Desk needs to be at a certain height and your desktop and laptop needs to be at the eye level.
  • Your forearms should be well rested on the arms of the chair or on the table. The wrists shouldn't be strained while typing.
  • A lot of us slouch or sleep on sofa or bed without back rest while working over a long period of time.  We shouldn't do that. It can lead to injury.
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