Tired Of Drinking Regular Tea? Try Hibiscus tea To Promote Overall Health

The hibiscus' leaves, seeds, and flowers can all be consumed and used to improve your health in many ways.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Mar 27, 2023 10:00 IST
Tired Of Drinking Regular Tea? Try Hibiscus tea To Promote Overall Health

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Were you aware that hibiscus is not just limited to making your gardens colourful but poses many health benefits too? The hibiscus' leaves, seeds, and flowers can all be consumed and used to improve your health in many ways. 

Its tangy, sweet, and delicious taste makes it ideal for making tea. Hibiscus tea is deep red because it is made from dried parts of the hibiscus plant. You can switch to this healthy option if tea consumption is a part of your daily routine. You can have it hot or cold, depending on your choice. 

Health Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea

Rich In Antioxidants

Hibiscus tea is one of the best sources of antioxidants that help prevent free radicals from causing oxidative damage and the slow ageing process. Free radicals can disrupt your cells and wreak havoc on your overall health and well-being. Thus drinking hibiscus tea can prevent diseases like dementia, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. 

Helps To Lower Cholesterol Levels

Making healthy decisions while lowering cholesterol levels might be difficult. Hibiscus tea can come to the rescue. Hibiscus tea has hypolipidemic properties that can help people manage their cholesterol levels. According to some studies, hibiscus tea may help control diabetes by increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. 

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Lowers High Blood Pressure

Hibiscus tea can also lower high blood pressure levels due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Research conducted at Tufts University, Boston, found that consuming hibiscus tea can lower your blood pressure by up to 10 points. It has diuretic properties that make you urinate more and lower your blood pressure at the same time.

Helps Lose Weight

You should consume hibiscus tea if your goal is to lose weight. Anthocyanins, phenolic substances, and flavonoids found in this plant may assist in modulating the genes involved in fat digestion, hence promoting fat removal. 

Good For Liver Health

Hibiscus tea is effective in promoting your liver health due to the presence of potent antioxidants. By fighting free radicals in our body's tissues and cells, the antioxidants in hibiscus tea brews may assist in preventing liver diseases like liver steatosis.

Promotes Skin Health

Hibiscus tea is also known to promote the health of your skin as it is rich in vitamin C, the helps boost collagen production. In addition, the brews contain a lot of myricetin, an antioxidant that can slow down collagen degradation. It also helps retain your hydration levels and assists in detoxifying your body.

Apart from this, it can also lower blood sugar levels, boost immunity, promote digestion, improve hair health, and ease kidney stones.

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How To Prepare Hibiscus Tea

Bring water to a boil and then turn off before brewing hibiscus tea to preserve the benefits of the flower. Next, add the hibiscus flowers to the water and cover the pot with a lid. Soak the flowers for at least ten minutes. Strain its content, and your tea is ready to serve. 


Hibiscus tea benefits your health in many ways. However, it should not be consumed by pregnant, lactating women before consulting with a doctor. In addition, if you have any medical condition, it is better to contact your doctor before making it a part of your diet, as it may interact with other drugs. You should also avoid drinking it excessively, as high dosages can change blood pressure and cause muscle weakness.