Having A Loss Of Appetite? Here Are Its Symptoms And Causes That You Should Know

Decreased appetite can be due to a number of factors. Check out the symptoms and causes of appetite loss. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Apr 17, 2021Updated at: Apr 17, 2021
Having A Loss Of Appetite? Here Are Its Symptoms And Causes That You Should Know

Do you have a poor appetite? Do you also don't feel like eating even when delicious food is kept in front of you? A loss of appetite or medically called anorexia,  develops when you have less desire to eat anything. It is also called a decreased  appetite or loss of appetite. A wide range  of health conditions can be the cause behind your appetite to decrease. There can be both psychological and physical illnesses behind this. If you experience a loss of appetite, you will also have other associated symptoms, such as weight loss or malnutrition. These can get severe  if left untreated, so it is important to find the exact cause behind your appetite loss and treat it. Treatment for loss of appetite totally depends on the underlying cause. Read this article further to know about the symptoms and causes of loss of appetite.

Symptoms of appetite loss

Appetite loss mostly occurs along with other feelings such as fatigue or nausea. If an individual is tensed about their loss of appetite, then it is best to talk to the doctor, and in detail about all the possible signs. So, here are the main symptoms of appetite loss:

1. Weight loss

The most common and early symptom of loss of appetite is weight loss, leading to malnutrition in some cases. You should immediately contact your doctor if you begin to lose weight rapidly and that too unneccesarily for no apparent reason. It is also important to take quick medical aid as your poor appetite could be a result of depression, alcohol, or an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

2. Loss of taste and fatigue


In rare cases, people might even have loss of taste as a symptom of appetite loss. Fatigue and weakness in the body come along as you are not eating properly. Not taking the right amount of nutrients can bring the feeling of fatigue.

3. Not wanting to eat

If you are not feeling hungry or do not have the desire to eat even when you haven't eaten anything, this is also a sign of loss of appetite. Not wanting to eat is a prominent and noticeable symptom of poor appetite.

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What causes loss of appetite?

Several health conditions can be the cause behind a decreased appetite. In most of the cases, your appetite will come back to to normal once the underlying condition or reason is treated. So, here are the main causes of loss of appetite:

1. Bacteria or viruses

Bacteria or viruses is one of the most common causes of loss of appetite. If the cause is a bacterial or viral infection, you will not require any proper medical treatment for the symptoms as your appetite will quickly come back to normal after your infection gets treated.

2. Certain medications


A loss of appetite is a common side effect of certain medicines, along with other digestive issues, such as constipation or diarrhea. This problem mostly occurs when medications pass through a person’s stomach and digestive tract. Medicines and treatments that usually cause a loss of appetite are sedatives, some antibiotics, immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

3. Psychological causes

Psychological causes and mental health state can also have a significant impact on an individual's appetite. Psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress and eating disorders are causes for loss of appetite. Even age can be a common cause for loss of appetite in adults.

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4. Medical conditions

Long-term medical conditions can also be a major cause of loss of appetite for a variety of reasons that vary depending on the cause. Loss of appetite is interlinked to lowered immune system function, feeling sick, and having an upset stomach. Some medical conditions can cause loss of appetite, such as digestive problems, asthma, diabetes, thyroid, heart failure, stomach and colon cancer.

These were the symptoms and causes of loss of appetite that you should be aware about. People can develop a loss of appetite for a lot of underlying reasons. Some of these are short-term, such as cold, food poisoning, other infections, or the side effects of medication. Whole some are linked to long-term medical conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, or life threatening diseases.

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