Have Problem Concentrating On Your Work? Here Are 8 Activities Which Can Help You Focus

Concentration and focus is very important to do daily activities and work efficiently. Try these 8 activities to improve concentration and focus.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Apr 01, 2021 18:54 IST
Have Problem Concentrating On Your Work? Here Are 8 Activities Which Can Help You Focus

Our body is a complex machine and whatever we do is processed and reflected by our actions. The pressure of studies and work which we do in our life needs attention and concentration. As in computer CPU is the main processing unit, our brain is the CPU of our body. It controls our actions, performs activities and responds to every other part of the body well in order to live. Nowadays due to such strict schedules it becomes hard sometimes to concentrate on our work while so many things are going on in life. Hence it is easier to get distracted. Today, OnlyMyHealth tells you some activities which you can do to increase your concentration level and focus on your work.

How to Improve Concentration and Focus?

Paediatrician Dr. Muskan Agarwal from AIIMS Hospital, Delhi talks about the importance of exercise in building concentration. Dr. Muskan says that at the time of growth it is very important for the kids and teenagers to indulge in activities which improve their focus and concentration. It can be in the form of games, puzzles, recreational activities, etc. 

The main development of brain is important for the concentration power to grow. As kids and indulged in watching different shows and playing games online, it is resulting in brain drain. Teenagers instead of learning physical techniques to tackle problems are damaging their brain by watching memes and reels. This is creating a negative impact on their brain which is killing their positive creativity and making them dumber. 

Apart from taking healthy diet and nutrition it is also important for people especially children and teenagers to do physical training. It can be playing outdoor sports, doing social work, yoga or meditation. These activities help improve the concentration of a person and make them more focussed on their work.


Exercises Which Are Helpful For Improving Concentration

1. Solving a Jigsaw Puzzle- Many studies show that solving jigsaw puzzles improves the cognitive ability of the brain. It can help people focus towards a particular goal which improves concentration power. It can be 100 pieces of puzzle or 1000, what matter is that you put your focus in it to solve it.

2. Dancing- It is a recreational activity or a hobby which anyone can do with full heart. You do not need to be a professionally trained dancer. But learning new dance moves can help your brain speeding up your memory. Each new step needs to be remembered, hence it improves concentration.


3. Building Vocabulary- It may sound as if learning to write by holding a pen directly. But when brain is involved in vocabulary tasks, particularly in terms of audio and visual processing, it improves the cognitive thinking ability.

  • Keep writing down unfamiliar words and look up to it in dictionary. Also try to use those words 5 times the next day.

4. Use All Senses- We all have five sense organs. If you wish to improve your concentration try doing an activity which involves all the sense organs at same time. It can include baking, going to a restaurant to eat, where you smell, touch, see and hear at the same time.

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5. Learn New Skill- Adding a skill to your list is always beneficial and what better can it get if it also helps in concentrating and focus. It does not mean you have to focus on just some particular skills. It can be anything you were waiting to do. For example- Riding a horse, playing a sport, swimming, programming a software or anything in random.

6.  Playing Music- Well music can be a remedy for most of the problems. It is for concentration and focus too. Listening to happy tunes helps generate innovative solutions in comparison of being silent. This means that music can improve your thinking ability and creativity. You can also play some instruments or sing which is also a good way to improving focus and concentration.


7. Learn New Language- It is proven that people who can speak more than one language fluently have better concentration and focus in life. Their thinking pattern improves and it benefits their visual-spatial skill and a higher level of creativity is achieved. It is never late to learn a something new, hence to improve your focus; you can also learn a new language.

8. Observe People- Whenever you interact with a person make sure you observe that person thoroughly and take points. Observation improves the way you focus. Observation is great activity to improve your creativity and concentration skills. People who observe others are more likely to be creative than others who don’t. 

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Focussing on yourself is the best thing you can do. Mental health is very important and improving your concentration, focus, memory and mental ability is always a good idea and is beneficial. By applying these exercises and activities to your daily life you can sharpen your brain and possibly learn new things and enrich your experience. It is also important for teenagers and kids who are at the learning stage to focus more on creative fields than just grasping irrelevant material on social media. 

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