Hairstyles that are making you look old

Makeup and clothes do it and hair does it too- make you look older than you are. Here are 3 hairstyles that can age you well beyond years; know how to avoid the worst hair mistakes and what to do instead.

Ariba Khaliq
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Aug 09, 2015
Hairstyles that are making you look old

You may stock your bathroom with creams and serums promising to keep ageing lines at bay and cosmetics to provide you with an enviable glow, but you must never underestimate the power of the way you’re wearing your hair.

Wrong hairstyle

Your hairstyle has a great effect on how young or old you look. In fact, you just might not realise how a hairstyle might add years to your face. Here are three hairstyles that could be ageing you- and their youthful counterparts.

The blunt lob is bad. Go for the layered lob instead

The youthful plumpness of your face decreases as you age, so a look that highlights any harsh angles isn’t the way-to-go. The blunt bob is pretty severe, as compared with the subtle side-swept bangs of layered lob that soften the forehead. The latter also frames the face, making it appear fuller and fresher.

Bad hairstyles

Ditch the bottom heavy for a top heavy mane

Ageing causes your eyes to droop and skin to sag and this is made worse by bottom-heavy hair that can drag your face down. So, the whole face appears droopy and looks older than it actually is. Layering your hair only at the ends causes the weight of the hair to settle at the ends, making the top look completely flat. Go for a top heavy haircut because the extra height at the crown pulls attention upwards. A look with volume throughout makes your face appear more awake and youthful.

Hairstyles that make you look older

Stick Straight vs. Natural Waves

Give your flat iron a rest because pin-straight hair can make your face appear hard and accentuate fine lines, if any. A stick straight look is worse if your face is really long. Add subtle waves to your hair to create more movement. Your hair will look more buoyant and alive that way. If you really want to keep it straight, just try a shorter length that falls somewhere around the shoulders.

Straight hair

Whichever hairstyle you don, just make sure your hair isn’t stiff because it looks staid and unnatural and ages you. Hair that moves and bounces looks more youthful and gentle.

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