Planning To Conceive A Child? Here Are 6 Habits That You Should Ditch First

Your preconception health significantly influences your fertility levels and the health of your unborn child's growth. 

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Mar 17, 2023 17:18 IST
Planning To Conceive A Child? Here Are 6 Habits That You Should Ditch First

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Pregnancy is one the most beautiful phases in every woman's life, as the joy of nurturing a newborn is beyond words. However, it is also important to quit certain habits that can majorly impact the newborn. Your preconception health significantly influences your fertility levels and impacts your unborn child's growth. It can be challenging to break bad habits, but while you're trying to get pregnant, you need to take extra care of yourself.

6 Habits To Stop Before Pregnancy


Smoking is hazardous for everyone, especially when trying to conceive. It can harm your baby's immune system, lungs, and brain development, resulting in diseases and birth defects. Not only this, it can even cause fertility issues and lead to miscarriages. And this applies to your partner as well. Smoking can decrease sperm count, cause DNA damage, and decrease sperm motility and fertility in men. 

Change Your Eating Habits

This may be surprising, but the way you eat also affects your health. You should avoid eating on the run as it is not good for your digestive health. It can make you chew less food, which means larger particles can go to your digestive system, making breaking food difficult. It also increases your cortisol levels and affects your adrenals. It's crucial to fortify your adrenals immediately so that your body can aid in developing healthy adrenals for your unborn child.


If you cannot survive without your morning cup or need coffee throughout the day, you need to say goodbye to it. You can break your caffeine addiction by reducing your daily intake. Every type of coffee, including decaf, is acidic and can cause the body's and cervical mucus to become overly acidic, interfering with conception.

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Say No To Alcohol

If you are planning to conceive, you should give away the habit of consuming alcohol. Consuming alcohol frequently and excessively is bad for the health of your liver and brain, and it does affect your kid genetically. You should keep in mind that even a little alcohol is harmful to your foetus. 

Reduce Your Stress

Stress has become a normal part of everybody's daily routine. In this fast-paced life, which involves work pressure and personal problems, it can be difficult not to stress. But, you need to reduce your stress levels by engaging in healthy practices like yoga, exercise, and meditation. Stress can impact both the pregnancy and the success of reproductive treatments.

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Get Enough Sleep

You should get enough sleep and avoid binge-watching if you have decided to plan a baby. Insufficient sleep can raise your blood pressure and impact your fertility. The area of the brain that controls sleep-wake hormones (including melatonin and cortisol) also controls the daily release of reproductive hormones in both men and women.

Developing healthy behaviours before becoming pregnant will benefit you both during your pregnancy and as you raise your unborn child to be a health-conscious adult.


Before planning a pregnancy, you should visit a gynaecologist to discuss the best time to conceive. In addition, maintain a healthy weight and cut these habits before pregnancy to ensure your child's good health.