Good Cop-Bad Cop Parenting Style: Advantages And Disadvantages

While this parenting method provides a balance for the children, parents may become distant and start taking sides. 

Sambhav Kumar
Written by: Sambhav KumarUpdated at: Feb 19, 2023 20:00 IST
Good Cop-Bad Cop Parenting Style: Advantages And Disadvantages

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Parenting is a highly individual procedure that must be carried out with care. Everyone has a different way to raise their child. There is no single strategy that can be considered completely perfect or successful. 

The good cop-bad cop parenting style has been popular for a long time, yet there has been no concrete evidence that it is effective. Many parents, however, believe that it is a beneficial technique for caring for their children and striking a balance between gentle and strict behaviour. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of good cop-bad cop parenting.

What Is The Process Of Good Cop-Bad Cop Parenting?

In this approach, one parent plays the part of the good cop, engaging and calm with the child,. This is not to say that it is normal for parents to behave in this manner, but rather to strike a balance between the two terms. The bad-cop parent is responsible for making the child finish his or her homework, maintain discipline, and behave appropriately. The other one soothes and relaxes the youngster by engaging in activities, playing with them, and attending to the child's needs.

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Advantages of Good Cop-Bad Cop Parenting

There must be a reason why so many parents use this way to raise their children. This is due to the fact that this strategy aids in the creation of a balance between fun and discipline in the child. If both parents are equally severe, it can undermine children's willingness to try new things. On the other hand, if they are overly courteous and soft, they risk damaging children's behaviour. Good cop-bad cop means having both sides where a child can obey discipline while still engaging in activities that he enjoys.

Disadvantages Of Good Cop-Bad Cop Parenting

The main disadvantage of good cop-bad cop parenting is that it is not very beneficial to parents as a whole. It provides a balance for the children, but parents may become distant and take sides. Another consideration is that the child may disregard the other parent who is being tough with him and just listen to what the good-cop parent says. This might lead to disagreements and problems with parents.

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Another disadvantage is that the youngster may believe that one of his parents no longer loves them. It may cause a schism between you and the youngster. They may also develop a phobia of the other parent playing the bad cop.

Separation of parents and divorce can also result from this form of parenting. In this form of parenting, consistently portraying a specific role might produce aggravation, especially when your partner repeatedly challenges it. It causes disagreements between parents and present conditions that can lead to divorce.

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