International Yoga Day 2020: Get Your Body Summer Ready With These 5 Yoga Poses

With these effective yoga poses you can get your body in shape combining with a healthy diet for a great summer

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jun 16, 2020 08:10 IST
International Yoga Day 2020: Get Your Body Summer Ready With These 5 Yoga Poses

International Yoga Day 2020: Now that the winters are about to get over, we’re all looking forward to abs. The body becomes sluggish and stiff during winters as it takes longer for the muscle to warm up. To avoid weight gain, it is essential to maintain a fitness schedule. Goodbye to those lazy winters morning and time to indulge in more physical activities and to exercise regularly. Cut out excessive fatty food and junks. Eating healthy plays an essential role in managing your weight, so ensure that you consume a nutritious diet, packed with minerals and vitamins. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking coconut water or buttermilk. Increase the intake of water during this time and include plenty of fruits in your daily diet.

Know about a few yoga poses that can help you get a summer body.



Also known as hand plank can build the strength of the arms, and improves concentration.

  • Lie down on your stomach
  • Place your palms on the floor parallel to the body and lift your upper body, pelvis, and knees
  • Keep a grip with the help of your toes and knees straight
  • Make sure that your knees, pelvis, and spine are aligned properly
  • Keep your wrist below your shoulders with your arms straight
  • Hold the posture for sometime



This tones the upper body and strengthens the back muscles, especially the lumbar area. It also strengthens arms, wrist and legs.

  • Start with Santholanasan (Plank)
  • Move your right hand off the floor, with your left palm firmly on the ground
  • Slowly turn your entire body towards the right side and lift your right leg away from the floor, placing it over your left leg
  • Keep your fingers pointed upwards while raising your right arm above
  • Make sure that both arms and shoulders are in a straight line
  • Look up at your right hand by turning your head up
  • Hold this posture for a while
  • Repeat it on the left side too



The hand-foot posture might need a bit of flexibility, but doing yoga every day can loosen up the muscles. It focuses on strengthening the knees and thighs. You can practice this pose three times for five breaths.

  • Stand on your mat and Distance your legs hip-width apart.
  • Bend the trunk forward slowly from your hips till your hands reach your feet and exhale.
  • Place your hands under the soles

  • Make your elbows slightly bent pointing outwards
  • Loosen up your shoulders and relax your arms
  • Keep in mind that your knees must remain straight
  • Try to bring your forehead between the knees if possible



The Sanskrit word is broken down into two, dhanur meaning bow and asana meaning pose. This posture gives the entire back a good stretch, tones the legs, relieves menstrual discomfort and stimulates the reproductive organ.

  • Lie flat on stomach keeping your feet hip-width apart and keeping your arms by the side of your body
  • Gently fold your knees and take your hands backwards, holding the ankles
  • Inhale and lift your chest off the ground, pulling your legs up and back
  • Keep your face stress free and eyes straight
  • Pay attention to your breath and keep it as long as you’re comfortable
  • As you exhale after 15-20 seconds, bring your legs and chest back to the ground and relax



The full-wheel pose or upward bow pose is a posture that opens up the chest, tones the thighs, abdomen and arms. This is derived from Sanskrit word, chakra meaning wheel, and asana, meaning posture.

  • Bend your knees and make your feet flat on the floor, so they are in a parallel position, maintaining a foot’s distance away from your hips
  • Press your foot into the floor
  • Keep your hands on the floor just above your shoulders while your fingers facing the shoulders
  • Lift your upper body from the ground, resting the crown of your head on the ground
  • Lift your legs, pelvis, and abdomen off the ground by pressing into your feet
  • Bring more of your weight in your palms and push more into your feet
  • Keep your arms stable by continuing to press firmly into the ground
  • Hold it for 5-10 breaths
  • Slowly lower your arms and legs, bringing your spine back into the mat and relax

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