Double The Calorie Burn: 5 Partner Exercises For An Intense Full-Body Workout

Try a fun partner workout with your favourite gym buddy.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Jan 09, 2023 13:17 IST
Double The Calorie Burn: 5 Partner Exercises For An Intense Full-Body Workout

What happens when you team up in Call of Duty or any video game? You most likely play well and confidently. Similarly, when you work out with a friend, you are likely to be more motivated and burn more calories than usual. In gym terms, this is referred to as working out with your "gym bro". You can support one other as well as engage in friendly competition to reach your goals. Moreover, when you exercise with a buddy, you can try new exercises, which is impossible when you exercise alone. So, if you're tired of your old workout routine or lack the motivation to show up, here are five partner workout exercises that will help you burn more calories than usual.

Partner Push-ups

Push-ups are undoubtedly one of the most underrated bodyweight exercises we frequently forgo because we believe they don't provide much of a muscle pump. However, push-ups are actually one of the best exercises for strengthening your upper body muscles. Push-ups can be monotonous when done alone, but practising them with a partner can promote more muscle growth. You can do push-ups facing your gym partner. When you get up, you must shake hands while still in pushup posture. The advantage of doing this is that your muscles are kept under tension for longer, which results in increased blood flow to the muscles and a hefty pump.

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Legs make up about half of our body; therefore, working on your lower body is crucial for daily activities and total body symmetry. Squats call for strength, something a beginner may not have. Similarly, performing squats with a partner makes the exercise easier and encourages you to push yourself to your limit and burn as many calories as possible. To complete a partner squat, face your gym partner, extend your hands in front of you, hold their hand, and then squat down. By doing so, you not only help your partner but put in double the work. By joining your hands, you first support your body weight and then hold their weight, which promotes greater muscle growth. 

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Are you struggling with excess belly fat? You should add crunches to your plan to strengthen your abdominal muscles. The simplest way to perform partner crunches is to just lie down facing your partner and place your toes on their toes. You must carry out crunches one at a time, such that you arrive first and finish the moment before your buddy. The goal is to stay in the moment until your partner finishes it, as this will increase muscle tension and fat burning.


Biceps Curls

When was the last time you got a good arm pump? Partner biceps curls can quickly become your favourite bicep exercise. All you need is a moderate-weight barbell, and stand facing your gym partner. You must first perform 15 reps before passing the barbell to your partner, who will then perform 15 reps. Similarly, you must repeat this circuit four times with 15 reps each, with no rest in between.


Want to burn your lower body fat? Include wall-sit in your routine. Incorporate wall-sits into your routine. The partner wall-sit not only tests your glute strength but also helps you build core stability. All you need to do is stand in a squat position with your legs only half bent and facing back, while your partner stands next to you with your backs touching and supporting each other. The important thing to remember is that your back should align with your partner's, and you should do it three times and try to hold the position for as long as possible.

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