Fruit Flush Diet for Weight Loss

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Jun 14, 2011

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Man eating fruitFruit Flush Diet: What It Is


Fruit Flush Diet or the fruit diet is becoming increasingly popular. According to Jay Robb, the author of Fruit Flush - this diet can lead to an astonishing 9-10 pound weight loss in just three days. During the 3-Day Fruit Flush diet period you do not eat any other food and this helps to clean your system while burning fat as fruit is nature’s cleansing food.


According to the Fruit Flush Diet the nutrients in fruit dissolve toxic build up from overly processed foods, artificial ingredients, alcohol, junk food, and more. The dissolved toxin is flushed out from the body by the water and fiber content of fruit.


Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein for 3 days helps your body to go into a fat-burning mode but preserves muscle mass according to Jay Robb. This makes it different and better than others quick weight loss programs. But about half of the 9-10 pound weight loss occurs due to water loss. However the amazing weight loss just in three days is a great motivator to continue any weight loss program.


The Fruit Flush Diet has two steps.


  • On day one you have protein shakes.
  • Then for the next two days you eat fresh fruit every two hours and for dinner you can have raw vegetables, along with some lean protein or a protein shake.


With this diet you get about 900-1,000 calories each day, about 100-125 grams of protein on first day and about 50 grams of protein for the next two days. The Fruit Flush diet is different from Fruit Diet. In fruit diet you have lots of fresh fruit during the day, and for dinner protein, vegetables, salad, and healthy fats for 14 days.


The Fruit Flush Diet: What You Can Eat


When you are on Fruit Flush Diet plan you can eat fresh fruit, raw vegetables, protein drinks, and lean sources of protein. Foods like dairy products, beverages (caffeine, coffee, tea, alcohol, diet and regular sodas), starches, cooked vegetables, juices, most fats, and all sweets have to be avoided completely. No dietary supplements are recommended.


The protein drink to be taken while you are on Fruit Flush Diet should NOT include any of the following:


  • Casein
  • Calcium casein ate
  • Sodium casein ate
  • Fructose
  • Aspartame
  • Aciculae-K
  • Aciculae potassium
  • Socialize
  • Sugar
  • Sucrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Artificial flavors and/or colors


The Fruit Flush Diet: How It Works


According to the author of Fruit Flush Diet - fruits and vegetables dissolve toxic buildup from other foods in your body when your digestive system is relieved of the burden of other foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein for 3 days help your body to go into a fat-burning mode and the toxins are flushed out from your body. Eating fruit every two hours, maintains your blood sugars levels and prevents low blood sugar. As your calorie intake is limited weight loss occurs.


According to experts the weight loss occurs due to low calorie intake and there is no scientific proof that any toxins are flushed out by fruits and vegetables although the author claims so. There is no evidence to prove that destocks diets are effective for long-term weight loss.


What Experts Say


According to nutrition experts only fruit diet is fine if you don’t have diabetes. However eating some protein along with the fruit is a healthier option. When you have protein with fruit, the fiber (from fruits) and protein helps to maintains your blood sugars levels and makes you feel better and more satisfied than eating fruit alone. In addition the protein preserves muscle mass.


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