5 Types Of Foods To Avoid If You Have Kidney Disease Or Diabetes

People having diabetes or kidney diseases have to limit their food. Know which food you should avoid in this condition.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 08, 2021Updated at: Jul 08, 2021
5 Types Of Foods To Avoid If You Have Kidney Disease Or Diabetes

Kidney plays several important roles in keeping you healthy. Kidneys are responsible to filter your blood, remove waste from the body and produce hormones and many others. Although it is natural for the kidneys to becomes less efficient over period of time because of age and other common factors. A healthy person over 60 years can deplete his kidney function over 55-60 % in today’s generation. Most of it is because of diet. Some food items are not healthy for you and hence your kidneys have to do extra work to keep your body healthy. This damages both kidneys over period of time which can result in kidney diseases. By avoiding certain types of food you can prolong life of your kidneys and prevent diseases related to it. 


Why is Food Regulated in Kidney Disease or Diabetes?

Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow says that people who have kidney disease or diabetes should take strict precautions on their diet. Nutritional needs may vary according to the severity of the patient and the disease but it is advised to avoid some major nutrients containing potassium, sodium and phosphorus. If they are not monitored or controlled then the patient might become serious and have life-threatening complications. Here is list of foods which you need to avoid if you have kidney disease or diabetes. This is to prevent build up of chemicals, waste products and excess nutrients in the blood stream. 

5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Kidney Disorders or Diabetes

1. Processed Meat

Processed food in general is also not good for health and processed meat is even dangerous. Items made from meat which are made by drying, curing, salting or smoking to enhance their taste causes high sodium content which can be dangerous to people having kidney disease. Per serving around 85 grams of meat can have 1400 mg of sodium that is around 65% of  sodium quantity allowed in the day. Also as we know that mostly we have more than just 85 grams of meat at a time which might raise blood sugar levels in the body and put direct strain on the kidney. Processed meat can also cause fluid build up in your ankles or around your heart which may also result in heart stroke.


2. Coloured Sodas

Sodas that are coloured should be prevented for people having diabetes or kidney disease. This is because coloured sodas contain phosphorus which is added to prolong life of soda. Unfortunately phosphorus that is found in coloured sodas is not even natural and that can seem to increase the risk of complications. This phosphorus from soda gets absorbed in your blood and can cause high blood pressure and severe kidney problems. It may also weaken your bones and heart disease. Sodas also have added high sweeteners which are harmful to the health.

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3. High potassium fruits

Fruits can be very beneficial for health but sometimes they can also be harmful for patients having kidney disease or diabetes. Intake of potassium can be harmful in a way if the amount of intake increases the given levels prescribed by doctors.  Increased potassium levels can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, heart problems and even death in some cases. Fruits having high potassium levels like bananas, oranges, avocados, apricots and kiwi etc. can increase chance of fatality.


4. Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils are considered convenient and healthy but not for kidney patients. Lentils are high in phosphorus content that can be 633mg and 309 mg of phosphorus in one serving. People suffering from diabetes and kidney diseases are only recommended to take lentils in small amounts that too only for particular lentils for maintaining a balanced diet. Another factor that needs to be considered is 40-50% phosphorus is what we get from plant sources and 70% from animal sources. Hence if the person takes high amount of phosphorus from plant diet then it can be cause severe kidney disease or damage to kidneys.

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5. Packaged foods and instant food items

Packaged food, instant meals and fast food are often made by processed items. These processed items and fast foods are high in sodium. People with kidney diseases and diabetes have to be extra cautious because of their sodium limitation. It is only advised for them to take a quarter of sodium intake as compared to what is recommended to normal healthy person. Fast food and instant meals have refined carbs as well that tend to spike the blood sugar levels. For example- pizza, frozen boxed meal and meals heated in microwaves. 

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