Diabetic People Are At Greater Risk of Developing Kidney Diseases: Study

If you are diabetic, you must know that you are at risk of developing kidney diseases. Read this study to know why.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 02, 2021Updated at: Jul 02, 2021
Diabetic People Are At Greater Risk of Developing Kidney Diseases: Study

If you have diabetes, you should be watchful of the signs and symptoms of kidneys diseases. A study has found that people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk of developing kidney diseases. Even though there are many therapies and advanced treatments for diabetes control, one can get diabetic kidney disease. If you or someone in the family has diabetes, you must read this article to know why you might develop kidney diseases.

The American Association of Advancement of Science conducted a research to identify the causes of kidney disease progression in people with diabetes. They found that there are three proteins found in human blood that are linked to progressive kidney failure and other diabetic kidney diseases. It took the research team almost 15 years to establish the link and find the main cause of this progression.

Kidney diseases in diabetes patients

Kidney diseases in diabetes patients

Diabetes and kidney diseases are different but they are linked to one another. Diabetics can develop kidney diseases(that are termed diabetic kidney disease). Many patients have complained of kidney issues early or later in life. And if not addressed on time, these may progress to end-stage kidney disease. However, some diabetes patients show a slower progression of kidney diseases. This made researchers do an extensive study as to how they are secure and whether they are harbouring proteins that promote kidney functions and protect them from getting affected by diabetes.

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To analyse the effect, the research team collected data of over 350 people with diabetic kidney disease. They extensively worked on finding the triggers and analysed over a thousand proteins present in the blood. Upon examining, they found that three proteins namely TNFSF12, ANGPT1 and FGF20 were responsible for the slower progression of diabetic kidney diseases. Healthy levels of these proteins ensured that the diabetic person is safe from kidney complications. Though this is a longitudinal study, more research is needed on how renal diseases can be prevented in people with diabetes. This would help in preventing kidney complications in diabetics and also reducing the risk of end-stage renal failure.

It is very important that people who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes keep a check on their kidney health to ward off the risk of progression of kidney diseases. They can also consult a doctor for preventive measures to keep their health in place.

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