Fifty Percent of Americans Suffer from Diabesity

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Nov 21, 2011

Fifty percent of americans suffer from diabesity

According to a practicing physician in USA, Mark Hyman, MD, half the Americans suffer from what he calls diabesity. It is known by various names but in essence, it is a case of disordered or abnormal biology. From insulin resistance to diabetes, it is the same disease being given so many names because of varying symptoms.

Some names by which we refer to what is essentially diabesity are:

Abnormal biology is the only cause behind all of these which are simply, different stages of the same health condition. These can be diagnosed and treated in the same way as their cause is the same. Conventional medicine has not been able to approach this in the right manner because it fails to grasp the continuum concept of disease based on fundamental laws of physiology and biology. The continuum progresses from optimal health to hidden imbalances to serious disorder to disease. If we are able to focus on reversing that continuum rather than suppressing the symptoms, on which all the efforts of conventional medicine end, the process can be reversed.

This can become clear with some illustrations given below:

  • If you ask your doctor to test for diabetes, most doctors would just follow blood sugar. If your blood sugar is between 90 and 110, you are fine but as soon as it goes above 125, you do have the condition. There is nothing to suggest in the fundamental laws of biology and physiology that there is no problem if your blood sugar has not reached certain level, and after it has reached a higher level, it is a disease.
  • Same is the case with hypertension or high blood pressure or blood cholesterol.
  • The treatment prescribed for these conditions are drugs that lower blood sugar and insulin, lower high blood pressure, improve cholesterol (statins) or thin the blood such as aspirin. They never address the cause behind these conditions but focus on suppressing the symptoms to normal level.

The conventional treatment never takes into consideration the causes behind the symptoms. In other words, what made the blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol level become higher than normal after all? The answer lies in fundamental laws of biology and physiology.


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