Feeling Demotivated? Here Are 10 Ways To Boost Your Happiness and Inner Strength

Changing some daily habits for good and boost your inner strength. Know what methods you can apply to be more happy and satisfied.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: May 07, 2021 12:26 IST
Feeling Demotivated? Here Are 10 Ways To Boost Your Happiness and Inner Strength

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We always ponder about keeping things to make it right. We assume how peaceful it be if everything just falls into its place and there is sanity all around. Well that is just a fantasy, in real life everyone has to go through many ups and downs which may not be very pleasant. At times, such as now, it can be very challenging to keep up with the mental peace and there are chances for depression to take over. Hence we need to build our inner strength. If we keep our inner strength strong then we are more likely to achieve mental peace of mind. This will also support in boosting your happiness. For this you can practise some healthy habits and put them in your routine.

10 Ways to Boost Happiness and Inner Strength

1. Get Reality Check

There are times when you need to take quick decisions. It can be about work or personal, but what we often do is retaliate to a decision or just respond to a problem without giving a second thought. Mostly in times of crisis, you end up emotions getting better of you and that may end you in trouble in the long run. During times like these, decisions made in a hurry come from reptilian brain and not the logical part of it. Therefore it is best to acknowledge a problem and think about it till you get clarity of thoughts, then address the issue. This is called reality check.


2. Change is Always Desirable

You must have heard this line before and it is quite true when it comes to your life. All of us like to be innovative but fear of getting failed keeps us from trying new things. It’s never easy to indulge yourself in something that changes your routine but it is important. To build your inner strength and retain happiness trying something new or out of the box helps a lot. You should embrace the change in your life and give everything chance which comes to you.

3. Keep Your Word

It is never easy to always be a man of your word. But try to retain it in most situations. If there is something you don’t expect someone else to do, then you should be aware that you are also not committing the same error. Keeping your word boosts your inner strength and helps you respect the rules and people around you. When you do so, then you reduce yourself from being vulnerable and lead from example.

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4. Be Honest Even If it’s Not Easy

Presenting yourself with truth is the most satisfying thing in the world. Yes, it is hard at times but once you choose truth then you release yourself from unnecessary stress. Many people freeze when they need to speak out truth during a tough situation because the fear of judgement takes over. But once you are courageous and let it out, you will find yourself in a much better position and it will definitely benefit you in times to come. Authenticity is an important step for boosting our inner strength.


5. Respect Others

When you give respect, you get respect. It is a long standing theory which is still applicable in real life. If you want to encourage yourself and be happy, then respect comes as a vital part. Expressing gratitude and recognition to the people who put their efforts to achieve some result for you is important. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and develops respect for you in their self. It becomes a positive contribution which will also give you positivity which will help you boost your inner strength.

6. Challenge Yourself

Innovation can only be achieved when you are determined to challenge yourself in the positive way. Being comfortable will leave you lazy and dissatisfied. When you challenge yourself there is a risk involved which boosts your inner strength and leaves you in a positive space. Engage yourself in rational thinking which will enhance your decision making and also avoid your brain to send emotional information.

7. Limit Your Options

This may sound a bit abrupt but it is true. Sometimes to make yourself better you need to put yourself in a tough spot. Limiting your options does just that for you. When you want to make impactful decision then there is need to shortlist your options and focus on the bigger picture. There is always more than one solution to a problem but you need to shortlist the ones which will come in handy considering the big picture. This will enhance your core strength and make you happier with your decisions.

8. Be a Visionary

Apart from keeping your best foot forward you also need to be well aware of the goal which you want to achieve. Having a bigger picture keeps you in the right frame of mind and boosts your confidence. This makes you more comfortable and boosts your inner strength, when you start achieving goals then you become happy. Small achievements go a long way through. It is a way of strategic progress.


9. Keep Healthy Habits

Your performance depends on your input, and input can only be sustained when your mind and body are in the right place. Eating healthy and nurturing yourself to be prepared in one of the most important step to boost your inner strength which also contributes in your happiness. Having a healthy routine makes you push yourself in the right direction.

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10. Find Your Motivation

It is often that we lose our motivation which keeps us away from achieving our goals. Happiness and inner strength can be provided a boost if there is correct motivation around you. It is not necessary that it has to be some target. It can be having some daily meals with your kids or an ice-cream with a good friend over a walk. These are the things which relax you and also motivate you for the next day.


Positive habits which can contribute in being a better human being can be ideal for boosting your inner strength and help you keep happy. There are routine habits which need a little tweet, some points which we ignore in general and little basic things which keep us happy. All of these can help you a lot in the long term and stay with you over a longer period. These 10 ways to boost your happiness and inner strength can change the way you look at things and make you more satisfied t the end of the day. In these times of difficulties, try to put these few habits in your daily schedule to observe a change for good.

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