Fear and distrust in relationships after infidelity

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Jun 29, 2011

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Infidelity can create a gamut of emotions for the wronged partner and naturally so. It is a devastating turn of events in a relatively stable relationship and bolts you out of normalcy of life. The cheated partner tortures himself/herself emotionally by wondering day and night about what went wrong.  The straying partner would already have moved on to the new relationship without caring about the effects it would have left on the psyche of the cheated partner.


Shattered self-esteem


The person at the receiving end not only suffers a shattered self-esteem but finds it hard to carry on with life. The security and stability blanket of a relationship is suddenly taken away leaving the cheated person with fear and distrust. Fear of continuing or starting a life anew is coupled with distrust of people around you. Suddenly one is left all alone and made to face life.


The baggage of infidelity


The baggage of infidelity carries on to the next relationship too. A new relationship would need all the nurturing which you can give and carrying a baggage of fear and distrust will fail it miserably. Dealing with issues of fear and distrust either by sharing with family and friends or seeking professional help is crucial to have healthy relationships. You should realize that not everybody is the same and you deserve to live your life without any baggage. Once bitten, twice shy but of course you can try!



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