Pregnancy for some can be a Traumatic and Suicidal Phase

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Aug 28, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • One in eight pregnant women suffers from depression.
  • The causes of depression may differ.
  • In many cases, the depression is left undiagnosed.
  • Depression can have ill-effects on the unborn child.

The feeling of having a baby inside the belly can be jittery for many people, especially men. It is believed that a woman’s body is customized to bear the weight of a baby inside her womb, to provide her fetus with all the essential elements inside her body since the very first day of its conception and to bring her healthy young one to this world one given day. Expectedly, most women are prepared for this and the moment they receive the good news, is a teary yet joyful one.

Pregnancy And Suicide

However, despite all the preparations, a woman may experience anxiety and depression which sometimes may also lead to suicide.
Pregnancy and Suicide

Depression strikes one in every eight pregnant women and what’s more disastrous is that many women don’t even know that they are depressed.

How Prevalent is it?

It has been indicated by a University of Michigan that 20 per cent of pregnant women may suffer from depression and very few of them seek medical help for it. And, the evidences from the study also show that the depression can have ill-effects on the unborn child. Women who do not receive treatment for depression send themselves to a high risk of postpartum depression which can later become the cause of suicide in many cases.

The Causes

The reasons behind depression can be many. There are women who have had a terrible experience while delivering a baby during their past pregnancy. This fear could send a woman into a state of depression during her second/current pregnancy. Then, there are females who have babies without planning. This unplanned pregnancy can severely affect their mental as well as physical well-being. As a matter of fact, pregnancy as a stage can make a woman so fragile, both mentally and physically, that even a small incident can change the outlook of women towards having a child.

Pregnancy And Suicide

What can Increase your Risk?

There are several factors that contribute to bringing suicidal thoughts in a person and these can vary by age, gender, and ethnic group. Traumatic life incidents in combination with these factors can lead to suicide. However, there can be other reasons too:

  • A prior attempt to suicide
  • Mental disorder running in the family or substance abuse
  • Family violence
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Keeping ammunitions at home
  • Physical ailment
  • Incarceration
  • Coming in contact with people who have suicidal thoughts.


Pregnancy should be able to give a woman the best stage of her life. But, depression can make it the worst phase. However, it is completely treatable and once diagnosed it can reverse things for a woman.

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