Don’t Let Pregnancy Phobia Wreck Havoc on your Womanhood

Pregnancy is not as enjoyable for some women as it is for others; the reason could be tokophobia. This phobia makes women develop fear of pregnancy and child birth. In order to conceive, a woman must get over this fear.

Vasudha Bhat
PregnancyWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Aug 25, 2014
Don’t Let Pregnancy Phobia Wreck Havoc on your Womanhood

Life of a woman is never the same once she graduates to the beautiful role of a mother. Besides experiencing physical changes, a woman also sees some changes in her perspective towards life. All these transformations that take place after child birth are mostly taken in good spirit by every woman. But, there are exceptions to this too. Although the percentage may be less, we cannot ignore the fact that there do exist women who treat pregnancy nothing less than a nightmarish experience. Their pregnancy phobia which is also known as tokophobia can be blamed for their fear.

Tips To Fight Tokophobia

So, Why does it Happen?

Tokophobia is a condition in which women have a fear of childbirth and pregnancy. It is important for a woman to first overcome this fear in order to conceive. If a woman suffers fromprimary tokophobia, she may not have experienced a troublesome pregnancy in real life. However, if she suffers from secondary tokophobia it may be a result of a painful delivery in the past.

The level of severity of tokophobia differs at individual levels. It commences during adolescence and grows with age. This gradual growth of fear makes women choose C-section over vaginal delivery. In cases where this phobia is not treated within time, it may lead to anxiety and depression in later stages. So, here are some tips to combat the phobia.

Partner’s Support

When you see that the idea of having a baby gives your wife jitters, make sure that you stand by her side instead of mocking her fear. You must understand her fear and talk things out with her. It is definitely important to have a child for a happy married life but, what is more important is for her to have a happy pregnancy.

Communicate with your Partner

When you realize that the phobia is wrecking havoc on your married life, it is time for you to fight back and the first step towards this would be communicating with your partner. This must include sharing the details of your fear with your husband. For example, tell the stage of pregnancy that scares you the most. While some women fear carrying a child in the belly, some females are afraid of the delivery or labour pain. Understanding and discussing your fear will help you develop a correct strategy towards having a child.

Tokophobia Tips To Fight

Be Real

There are high chances that your fears are only fictitious and have no resemblance with reality. Try to learn more about facts associated with pregnancy. You must avoid coming in contact with people who form an opinion about child birth without any medical support. Read about pregnancy as much as you can and make a distance from myths.

Stay Positive

You must understand that childbirth adds satisfaction to your life, both mental and physical. You must make yourself understand that there are millions of women in this world who have given birth and have lived a healthy life.

Giving birth to your young one is a law of nature and doing so completes a woman. So, kill the fear and enjoy womanhood.

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