Exercise Machines That Help Burn Fat & Build Muscle

To burn fat and gain muscle, do exercises that raise your heart rate while working for different muscle groups.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Mar 18, 2023 19:00 IST
Exercise Machines That Help Burn Fat & Build Muscle

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Just because an exercise works your abdomen doesn't mean it'll help you lose weight. Many people believe that while biceps curls help them build bigger biceps, crunches help them get a narrow waist. Each muscle in your body responds to resistance training in the same way: it grows bigger and stronger. To summarise, twister machines may help you burn calories, but they will not help you lose weight. However, if you want to lose weight and gain muscle, you must engage in activities that raise your heart rate or involve working more than two muscles. So, if you're new to exercise or the gym, here are some exercises that can help you lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. 

Rowing Machine

Everyone, from celebrities to athletes, is obsessed with the rowing machine. A rowing machine is one of the best ways to raise your heart rate while strengthening your legs, arms, and core. Besides burning fat and working on different muscle groups, the machine also improves flexibility and mobility. The best thing about this machine is that everyone can benefit from it, from beginners to advanced, and it is also suitable for older people and women.

treadmill workout for weight loss

Stair Climber

The majority of gyms in India still do not have access to stair climbers, and if your gym does, it is unlikely to be empty. Performing stair climbers is no less than a leg workout. What happens when you train legs? You most likely end up burning more calories and occasionally vomiting in the gym. Stair climbers, on the other hand, raise your heart rate and work the lower body. The best thing about stair climbers is that they help with body imbalance. For example, many people's right legs are stronger than their left legs, so stair climbers can help with that.

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Lat Pull Down

Lat pull-down is one of the best exercise for growing your back muscles. The lat pull-down exercise, as the name implies, works your lats, which are the largest muscles in your back. Why lat pull down is best for fat loss and muscle gain because when you train big muscles, you burn extra calories, and your heart rate also goes up. Moreover, instead of doing 12 or 10 reps, you can go as many reps you have in the tank, because when you train until failure, the muscle is under tension for a long period of time and your heart rate remains above normal, which is the best condition for fat burning.

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Fan Bike

Combining cardio with any movement that involves muscles is the most effective way to double the fat loss process. Similarly, when performing a fan bike, you move your arms as well as your legs to peddle, and the bikes move due to wind resistance. Wind resistance is immense, so the harder you pedal, the more difficult it gets. The best thing about the fan bike is that it can be used for warm-up and cool-down purposes.

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