Poor Sleep Is Bad For Your Skin, Here’s How It Can Affect Your Appearance

Did you know you can get dark circles if you don’t sleep properly? Read about effects of poor sleep on our looks.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 12, 2022Updated at: Aug 12, 2022
Poor Sleep Is Bad For Your Skin, Here’s How It Can Affect Your Appearance

Sleep is key for holistic health. It is the food for our body and brain, as well as  skin. Not getting enough sleep means you are depriving your body of essential nourishment. Your body undergoes cell regeneration and rejuvenation processes during sleep which helps in improving cell functions. When new cells form, old ones get replaced and this helps your skin look natural and glowing. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it is going to affect your skin adversely.

Poor sleep can give you dark circles

If you don’t want to get dark circles, you should ensure a proper sleep schedule. Dark circles are caused due to dying skin cells that are not replaced by healthy cells. These cells cause dilation of blood vessels that leave behind a purple or blue tint under the skin. These darken over time and lead to dark circles. Sleeping sufficiently allows formation of new skin cells that enhance skin’s health and beauty. In a nutshell, there is a reason why we call it ‘beauty sleep’.

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Effects of Poor Sleep on Our Looks

Dark complexion and breakouts

Not just dirt, pollution, and poor diet but bad sleep can also cause acne and breakouts. If you don’t sleep properly, it can dehydrate your body and hamper pH levels of the skin. These two factors can cause an imbalance which can put your skin at risk of many other issues like redness, dark complexion, and patchy skin. You must have noticed when you sleep less, your face looks tired, dull and dark. This is because your skin didn’t undergo the rejuvenation process during sleep. This can be catastrophic for people who have dry skin as poor sleep can make it drier and more prone to skin problems. You should ensure getting at least six hours of sound sleep daily.

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Puffy eyes and under-eye bags

Sleepless nights can also make your eyes look swollen and puffy throughout the day. Insufficient sleep means your eyes overwork and that leads to extreme tiredness. You’ll wake up feeling super tired with puffy eyes and swollen face. Dehydration is one of the primary reasons why this happens. If you deprive yourself of sound sleep on a regular basis, you may encounter other severe complications too.

Effect of Poor Sleep on Our Looks

So, poor sleep not just affects your mood but also your skin. Along with insufficient rest, poor sleep position and bedding also affect your skin. Sleeping on one side can direct blood flow to that particular side which leaves the other side deprived. This is why you wake up with a red face when you sleep on one side through the night.

How to get ample sleep?

You need to adopt a few simple measures to get  sound sleep and healthy skin.

  • Give yourself a good facial massage before bedtime. Use a good moisturiser or a facial oil for the same.
  • Use a night sleep mask to hydrate your skin. This would keep your skin cool and nourished.
  • Avoid using phones, tablets, and television too much as these emit blue light which is bad for skin.
  • Read a book to calm your mind and help fall asleep.

Your sleep can have a long-term impact on your skin. Make sure to take ample rest and allow the body time to rejuvenate.

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