Don't blame your food if you're feeling gassy, it's probably something else

Most of us think, the sole reason behind why we fart or feel gassy is the food we eat, but that's not entirely true.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Mind BodyWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Apr 10, 2017
Don't blame your food if you're feeling gassy, it's probably something else

We all have had the moment(s) where we feel the need to just vanish away, before anybody has the slightest idea that there is something wrong with us, and we couldn't actually do anything but wait for it to pass as quick as possible.


Surely, there are plenty of times/situations where I wish God had blessed me with that "vanishing' super power. Now, some of you would say that it is so silly of me to wish to have something that could make me go invisible, when we have super heroes that travel from one planet to another without even needing a spaceship or astronaut suits.

To be honest, not that I don't want to be like "wonder woman" if given a chance, but I guess what our very own  Anil Kapoor had in Mr. India would pretty much make my life beyond easy.

The whole idea is to get yourself out from the embarrassing situations before you make a joke of yourself in front of others. And you definitely can't let that happen to yourself in front of those friends, who eagerly wait to make your life a misery out of that one situation and God forbid, if you happen to be the  "king of the embarrassing times, almost all the times", you are doomed.

One such embarrassing situation arises when you're in a battle with burps and farts. Now, only a naive soul would broadcast the warning before he/she drops the bomb or admit that you're responsible for burning everyone's nose hair ( yes, the one that stinks like hell can surely do that), and such a person would definitely be hard to find.  

Interestingly, regardless of admission or denial, each of us passes 1-3 pints of gasses, 14 times a day on average.

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Even farts have types

Not all farts are stinky and not all farts have anything to do with digestion either. Yet there is a social stigma attached to the name farts. Who on earth would like to cut one loose at an inopportune time such as during a meeting or in a yoga class. But the frustrating thing about having gas is that it can feel random and hard to control.

But, there are several things that make you feel gassy, that you actually have some control over.  Did you know half of all the burps and farts occur when you swallow air, a condition known as aerophagia. No, I'm not referring bloating here.

However, many people who experience bloating feel like they have gas while technically there is no extra gas.

When you poorly absorb something that you eat, the bacteria in the colon spew out smelly gas in small volume. While swallowing too much air gives you non-smelly and voluminous gas, which makes its way out in the form of noisy farts or big burps.

Experts say, our GI tract cannot absorb gas, therefore, if you accidentally swallow air down your stomach, it'll either come back through burps or go back out further down.

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Here are 6 unexpected things that may be causing you to pass gas.


Intake of certain medications can make your mouth dry, which can intensify the amount of air you consume. If you're on medications, it’s better to figure out if your medicines have side effects that are linked to dry mouth. If you experience gas trouble, it may be worth asking your doctor to switch your prescription to one with lesser side effects.

Chewing gum

While chewing gum offers many benefits such as it boosts mental performance, improves breath etc, it also makes you swallow more air than normal, causing you to have burps or farts.

Drinking through a straw

Do you like sipping on your favourite juice using a straw? You may want to throw that straw away if you don't want to inhale air into your belly. Yes, when you drink through a straw, you inhale air which creates a perfect storm of gassy conditions. Say good-bye to straws and drink directly from the glass and you won't be gassing around.


Do I really need to pen it down or you can see the similarity between cigarettes and straws here? If you can, you should better put that cigarette down already, and for those, who still don't get this it's all about the air.

Drinking from a bottle

Yes, even I couldn't believe at first that my favourite water bottle that I never leave my home without could give me gas problems. It has something to do with how our mouth wraps around the bottle mouth is entirely different from how our mouth wraps around a cup or glass. I've already ditched my bottle, so should you if you want to minimise gas.

Eating too fast

Don't recall since when but speed eating has been a thing with me. My mom may not have known the scientific reason behind it but now I know she was right all along whenever she asked me to slow down while eating because speed eating can lead to several problems from weight gain to gastric reflux.

According to a recent study, eating while driving is almost as dangerous as texting. Therefore, researchers suggest one should aim at eating without distraction and chewing each bite 20-30 times.

Another study published in Eating Behaviour suggest paying attention to your food and internal cues of fullness, can actually offer you a range of health benefits including the potential for weight loss.

Now, that you know having a gas problem is not just about the food you eat, take note and stop making the aforementioned mistakes if you really want to keep gas troubles at bay.


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