Why Is Petting A Dog Good For Health?

 It is a known fact that dog is an animal that can enhance your mood. Here are all the health benefits of petting a dog. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Apr 01, 2022 13:42 IST
Why Is Petting A Dog Good For Health?

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It is a known fact and claim that dogs are man's best friend. Their cute little adorable faces and happiness spreading  attitudes can fulfill our lives with utter joy, but did you know that there are actually many benefits of owning/petting a dog? From helping you to stay physically active to socialising with new people, your dog can actually help in enhancing your physical, mental and social life. Dogs can be expensive, and need a lot of time and attention. But, it will all seem worthed! Data shows that dog ownership can help in having a longer lifespan. Experts have found that more than 3.8 million people in a study, owning a dog have 24% lesser risk of cardiovascular mortality as compared to non-dog owners. Read the article further to know about the health benefits of dog petting. 

Health benefits of dog petting 

People who own a dog might always talk about how great it is, but there are actually scientifically proven facts about human-animal relationship. The benefits of owning a pup can go beyond companionship. Having a dog can help in lowering your risk of several health problems. Here are the 5 main health benefits of petting a dog

1. Enhances mood 


Even spending just 15-20 minutes with a dog can help you feel more relaxed, happy and calm. Playing with your dog helps in improving the levels dopamine and serotonin in your brain. Both serotonin. And dopamine are neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and tranquility. Therefore, if you are having a bad mood or going through a rough patch, grab a sponge ball and spend some time with your dog. The pup can put a smile on your face and enhance mood surely! 

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2. Reduces risk of heart disease 

According to a study by American Heart Association in the year 2013, there is also a relationship between heart disease and those who owned a dog. As per the data of a group of 182,000 participants who were heart attack survivors were interviewed and only 6% of them had a dog. The study concluded that if living alone with a dog can make any difference compared to living alone without a pet. It was proved that people have a 33% better possibility of surviving a cardiac problem at home after getting hospitalized if they own a cute little pup. 

3. Helps you stay active 

Having a dog means you can have a healthy and active life. Dogs just don't need to play with their owners at home but also go out for fresh breath, walk and play. They want social interaction and spend more time outside in a park or street playing with you. You might not be able to do proper exercise, but even fetching a ball or walking him around can help in burning a lot of calories. Even if you don't own a dog, you can visit a nearby playground and play with other furry friends there. 

4. Lowers blood pressure levels 

Besides encouraging people to go outside and stay active by indulging into more physical activity, dogs can also provide another health benefit lowering the blood pressure levels. The dog is always concious of taking care of his owner’s health. Doctors have observed that people who own dogs have naturally balanced blood pressure levels. Many experts say that it is associated to the calming effect that dogs can have. 

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5. Helps fight lonliness and depression 

Along with yoga and meditation, owning a dog can also help in fighting lonliness and depression. Your four legged furry friend can reduce the stress levels. Even if you spend a few minutes with a pup, it will reduce anxiety and depression. In addition, if you live alone and loved ones are far away, a dog can always give company and keep you happy and content throughout the day. He will not let you feel lonely when there is no oke around. In fact, there are several studies to prove the same.