Doctors Discover a New Knee Ligament

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Nov 14, 2013

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Knee surgeons from University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium announced that they had discovered a new knee ligament.

Knee ligamentIn previous surgeries this particular ligament was not specifically identified despite there being past knee dissections as well as scans. This discovery is said to improve our understanding of the way knee works and the reason why certain knee surgeries underscore and disappoint the astonishing complexity of human anatomy.

To find as well as assign character to the newly discovered part of the knee, orthopedic surgeons along with a few other colleagues brought together 41 knee joints from human corpses and started to dissect them.

The knee is a complicated as well as fragile; it is a structure made of cartilage, bones, ligaments, fluids and tendons. While all these parts of the knee work together for mobility, they tear, rupture or even fracture if the knee is suddenly twisted. This description of the knee makes us all believe that that part of our body is completely mapped, but this is untrue.

Specialists themselves point out that with the knee and its mobility being so complicated, it is definite that there is the presence of more things to prevent future damage of the knee and improve its stability.


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