Do you really need a post workout massage

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Nov 06, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Intense work out can leave sore muscles.
  • Post workout massage can provide instant relief.
  • Get 15 minutes massage after intense workouts.

Do you feel like a zombie who has been hit by a car, after a intense workout session at gym. We know it well that sore muscles are very annoying, but there is something you can use to recover your body from such intense workouts. According to a recent study Published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, just 15 minutes of massage post workout can improve proprioception and strength in the calf muscle.

Research focus

Intense workouts cause damage to the muscles which we may not necessarily notice. Researchers focused on the key performance measures that would allow us to know how soon an athlete can get back to exercise and competition. They examined the strength and proprioception, an ability to sense stimuli arising with the body regarding the motion and position.

Researchers tested muscle known as gastrocnemius that lies on the very top and back of the lower leg. This muscle is known to form the double-tear shape that gives calf its distinguished look.

Design of study

The study was conducted on 21 people, who ran up and down a five story building twenty times. Out of all, 11 volunteers were given a 15 minutes massage on the gastrocnemius after the workout. The participants were then tested for proprioception with a thirty meter ball kicking test. They used electromyography to measure the strength during an isometric flexion of the foot, before and after workout. Finally, they studied how the massage affected the sore muscles. 


Proprioception was found to be improved in people who had received the massage but only in the ankle. As proprioception plays significant role in preventing injury hence, the finding is considered remarkable. Besides, the EMG analysis showed that strength was found to be greater in those who were given the massage.

So, get a massage after every intense workout to get fast recovery from sore muscles.

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