Do You Have Acne? Here Are Some Shaving Tips For Men To Shave With Acne

Managing facial acne is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. If you have acne and want to shave your face, try these tips

Gandharv Gulati
Skin CareWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Aug 27, 2020
Do You Have Acne? Here Are Some Shaving Tips For Men To Shave With Acne

Most guys are less bothered about acne on their face unless they want to shave. Shaving with acne is a dreary situation where you need to be very careful so that you don’t blast a pimple that causes a lot of pain. Men with acne-prone skin should follow some tips for a smooth shaving experience.

Place a warm wet towel on the face

Alternatively, you can steam your face or take a warm shower before shaving. This would prep your skin and make facial hair softer for easy shaving. This would also reduce the acne agitation so that they don’t feel the harshness of the razor blade. That the warm is only warm and not hot or else it might irritate your acne-clad skin.


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Cleanse properly

After prepping the face, cleanse it with an acne-control cleanser. Search for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid as these are best for acne control. You can also ask a dermatologist for the right product according to your skin condition.

Never use cheap razors on your face

Investing in a good-quality razor might be costlier than others but think it as a one-time investment for your skin especially if you shave frequently. Their blades aren’t sharp and offer clean shave without cuts. Avoid using electric shavers or trimmers when you have acne. It is essential to follow steps for shaving for sensitive skin.

Clean the blades before shaving

This is an important step that you must perform. Dip your blades in an antiseptic solution before using it on the skin. This helps in killing the bacteria and germs that might be present on them. These provoke acne and make them worse. You may also opt for a single-use blade for safety.


Use a moisturizing shaving cream

The regular, inexpensive shaving products contain alcohol and comedogenic compounds that clog the pores of the skin and leave them dry. These are not good for your acne-prone skin as it might induce excess sebum production which agitates acne breakouts. Choose a good shaving cream that has moisturizing agents. Do not start shaving immediately after applying it on the face. Let it sit for a while and then shave. This would make your hair soft and get easily removed.

Shave in the direction of hair growth

Most men believe that shaving in the opposite direction would give a smooth finish but it is not true. You should always shave in the direction of hair growth. If done oppositely, it might cause ingrown hair that can worsen your existing acne. If you happen to get a cut or pop a pimple, immediately clean the area with a cotton swab dipped in an antibacterial liquid to clear the germs. This would prevent them from spreading on the skin and cause more pimples.

Switch aftershave cream with a moisturizer

Both aftershave cream and moisturizer have the same functioning. The only difference is that aftershave products may irritate the skin while moisturizer would not. This would hydrate the skin to keep it soft and reduce the frequency of acne breakouts. Also, it is better to use an oil-free moisturizer.


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Hence, do not forget that men have sensitive skin too and shaving every day can be a little harsh on the skin. Hence, use the best products, do not be rough on the skin and use the best products suiting your skin type. And, if acne keeps getting worse, immediately show it to a doctor before it flares up. 

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