What's Healthy: Bulky Or Lean Body?

Whether you want a lean or bulky body is entirely up to you and may well depend on how you want your body to perform.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Dec 31, 2022 19:30 IST
What's Healthy: Bulky Or Lean Body?

As the saying goes, a fit body cannot be bought; it must be earned! Similarly, having a fit body in today's world with so many distractions necessitates a great deal of respect. However, when it comes to building a healthy body, deciding what is better bulky or lean body, is a task. Continue reading to determine which body type should be your goal based on your lifestyle and fitness level.

What Is A Bulky Body?

The main feature of a bulky body is not muscle mass, but rather how big you can get. Given their large stature, all of the bodybuilders you see and the WWE athletes fit the description of having bulky bodies. Tiger Shroff has muscles as well, but he does not have a bulky body because he does not have huge muscles.

How Does One Get A Bulky Body?

Achieving a bulky body is not easy; first, you must consume plenty of calories, then go to the gym and lift heavy weights to convert the calories consumed into muscle building. Moreover, it takes years and years to build muscle, and developing a bodybuilder-type body can easily take six to ten years.

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Is Bulky Body Worth?

To achieve a bulky body, one must consume a lot of protein and eat every two hours, which is only possible if you take bodybuilding seriously. Secondly, a bulky body necessitates lifting heavy weight, which involves risk and injury, so only load up the plates on the bar if you are certain you want to make a career out of it.

What Is A Lean Body?

Virat Kohli was the one who first popularised the idea of a lean body. Virat possesses all of the characteristics of a bodybuilder except for big muscle size. Although both bulky and lean bodies require equal dedication, the lean body requires extra care because staying under 10 percent body fat all year is not an easy task.


We all have abs muscles, but those abs muscles are only visible when our body fat falls below 10 percent. So, if you have abs, you are probably under 10 percent body fat, which is something to be proud of.

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How To Get A Lean Body?

The simple formula for getting a lean body is to consume fewer calories than you burn. Making a lean body requires eating around maintenance calories or possibly in a deficit, because you must reduce your body fat to 10 percent. Similarly, lean body training entails a lot of cardio and a little bit of weight lifting so that you appear to have muscles.

Is Lean Body Worth?

Only a few people have abs because it is extremely difficult to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Without a doubt, a lean body shows that you have worked hard for it, but it can be difficult for someone who cannot make it a point to exercise every day. If you have a bulky body and you do not exercise for a week, only your pump will disappear, but if you have a lean body, your abs will begin to blur the day you do not exercise. So it is clear that a lean body necessitates a daily grind, and if your lifestyle permits, lean is the way to go.

Which Is Better? Bulky Or Lean?

Most of the time, we assume that if someone has abs or big biceps, they are healthy. However, the term "healthy" has different meanings depending on the context. Maybe the person with abs is healthy for you, but you never know. He could be suffering from a food disorder because losing fat requires you to avoid salt and sugar, and when you don't consume carbs for an extended period of time, you usually develop a disorder. So, unless you want to be a bodybuilder or a fitness model, your goal should be to develop a body that works in all situations. Hiking, for example, requires stamina, which a bodybuilder's body lacks. Similarly, instead of becoming obsessed with body type, focus on bodyweight moments, flexibility, mobility, and stamina because strength only comes into play when you enter a gym or perform a lift. What matters in everyday life is your stamina and flexibility in performing tasks.

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