The difference between brown eggs and white eggs

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Jul 20, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Both eggs are same on the inside.
  • There is only one minor difference in the caveat.
  • White and brown eggs give the same amount of nutrition.

Rumours around the difference in the health benefits of white and brown eggs have found ears. While some believe that brown eggs are better because of their high nutritional value, there are some people who think white eggs are tastier.
You will also find people who differ on their choices based on the cooking style of eggs. Some say brown eggs are better for cooking things like quiches and then there are some who prefer white eggs to bake things like cakes.

Difference in Eggs

The difference

The rumours will keep surfacing but the truth is that both brown and white eggs are same on the inside only with one minor caveat which has no relation with the layer of the egg. Besides the caveat, brown and white eggs are absolutely the same in terms of nutrition, taste and the amount of taste it adds to quiches and cakes.

Also, the shell thickness of both the eggs is more or less the same. The minor difference in the thickness may appear because of the age of the chicken. The young chickens lay eggs with comparatively harder shells.

So, where did the rumours come from?

The rumours about brown being the better one are thought to have originated from the fact that they are sold at higher rates in supermarkets. It is a common belief that if something is sold for a higher price it has to be of better quality than others. But this belief does not hold true in this case. The reason behind brown eggs costing more is that the hens that lay brown eggs usually eat more, which means they are fed more and therefore, cost much more to be taken care of than hens that lay white eggs.

Which one tastes better?

There is another common belief that brown eggs taste better and that is why they are expensive. However, the difference in taste is only a myth.

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