Diet advice that can give men a fit and healthy body

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Sep 01, 2017
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  • Fitness does not mean a perfect body.
  • Fitness is a state of mind and body.
  • Fitness is about being confident and comfortable within our body.


Fitness does not mean a perfect body it is an hour glass figure or bulging muscles with 6 pack abs.

A state of mind or body 

Fitness is a state of mind and body. It is about being at peace with oneself, being confident and comfortable within our body. It is about performing your daily activities without undue fatigue and still having energy. It is about being disease-free. A great body is a bonus along with all the health benefits. 

Fitness is about your daily physical activity 

In more simple words which will relate to any person, fitness is being able to climb a fleet of stairs without going out of breath, without feeling any pain in the knees. It is about being able to sit in the office chair or in the driver’s seat for long, without feeling pain in the lower back. It is about being able to work on desk for long without complaining of neck pain. It is about being able to manage home, work, family and friends without getting tired. It is about coming back to home after a long day at work and still being able to play with your kid without getting irritated. It is about being self-dependent even in the old age.

Fitness is about being disease-free 

Being at a low risk of premature development of diseases associated with sedentary life style (sedentary life style is referred to those people who do not participate in a regular exercise program for at least 30 minutes on most days or everyday of the week).

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