Diet Basics Everyone Should Follow During The Extended Winter Season

Take a look some diet basics everyone should follow in the winter season

Arushi Bidhuri
Healthy DietWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Feb 09, 2020Updated at: Feb 09, 2020
Diet Basics Everyone Should Follow During The Extended Winter Season

Do you skip the gym and convince yourself that you deserve a little treat to warm up and comfort yourself? You’re not alone. But the truth is that chilly weather changes more than just your wardrobe. It changes your metabolism and energy levels. But no weather gives you the license to eat unhealthily. There are certain healthy foods and drinks that you can inculcate in your diet, which can naturally keep your body warm without compromising on your health. People need to take some dietary measures during winters to keep your body warm and keep your weight in check. 

Take a look some diet basics everyone should follow in the winter season. 

Make a date with Oatmeal


Oats are often considered just a comforting breakfast food but it also provides nutrients which are essential during winter. They are high in zinc and soluble fibre, both of which are good for improved immunity and heart health. Oats are easily available and you can experiment with them as much as you want. 

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Choose Soup over Noodles 


Soup is the go-to winter food, given that you don’t add fattening food in it. Prepare soup with vegetable broth, chicken broth or water and include a variety of vegetables in it. You can add whatever spices you want in the soup to get the best of both worlds – health and taste. 

Look for Green Vegetables


Green vegetables are loaded with protein and other incredible nutrients that can be a great addition to your winter diet. Green vegetables like spinach have antioxidants and are high in vitamin A and C. It has iron, protein, minerals which are great for health, hair and skin. It also aids asthma.   

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Eat more Citrus Fruits 


Citrus fruits like oranges and grapes are high in vitamin C which is good for the skin and metabolism. They also help fight cold and regular consumption keeps viruses at bay. They also contain fibres which help control cholesterol. 

Say Yes to Root Vegetables 


Cold weather constrains crop growth but root vegetables like beets, carrots and turnips can resist the cold. Buy it fresh from local farmers if you can and reap the amazing benefits of these root vegetables. They are a great source of beta- carotene, vitamin C and A. 

Include Garlic in your Diet 


A little bit of garlic in your dish can enrich its flavour and texture. Moreover, it also contains loads of health benefits and including it in your diet can help keep bacterial infections at bay. Garlic keeps the body warm and contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that help fight different diseases that come along the chilly weather. 

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Up your Iron Game 


Iron is a mineral important for the proper function of haemoglobin, a protein needed to transfer oxygen in the blood. So, this winter up your intake of iron as much as you can. Red meats, lentils and green vegetables are some of the great sources of iron. You can take iron supplements (recommended by a professional doctor) if you’re not getting able to fulfil your iron requirements.  

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