Diabetes Tests And Diagnosis: Know Why These Regular Checkups Are Necessary

Diabetic patients are required to stay healthy and have a long life. With the regular diagnosis of diabetes, the diseases can be prevented. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 24, 2019Updated at: Jul 24, 2019
Diabetes Tests And Diagnosis: Know Why These Regular Checkups Are Necessary

Diabetes patients should be regularly checked (through tests) for a healthy living and prosperous life. Patients should keep checking their level of sugar in the body from time to time, and as soon as glucose levels rise, they should contact the doctor immediately. To control diabetes, regular diet along with a regular checkup is necessary too. To know the level of glucose in the body, the patient can keep the glucose meter (glucometer) at home so that they can easily check whenever they want.

Following are the most affected organs due to high sugar levels (diabetics):

  • eyes 
  • feet
  • kidney 

By regular screening, patients can avoid these dangers. At the initial stage of diabetes regular screening can also cure the disease. Let's know what checkups should be done regularly by a diabetic patient.

Glucose Test

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Diabetics should check the level of glucose in the blood regularly. Increased glucose levels can be dangerous for the patient. Along with this, blood tests are also important for diabetics as it clearly shows that the kidneys are functioning properly or not. Diabetes has a huge impact on the kidney. Regular check keeps the patient away from the problems of the kidney.

Cholesterol Test

In diabetics, patients should check cholesterol because of the risk of cardiovascular disease doubles when cholesterol increases. The amount of glucose in the blood can slow down the bad cholesterol (LDLS), due to which it becomes sticky and this is the reason why cholesterol generates faster. Bad cholesterol accumulates in the arteries of the blood and causes heart problems.

Blood Pressure Test

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High blood pressure is similar to a 'silent killer'. High blood pressure can be quite fatal in diabetic patients. Having high blood pressure in diabetes can also cause:

  • heart problems 
  • heart attack
  • kidney problems
  • eye problems 

To avoid these, it is important to get regular blood pressure check.

Feet Test

In diabetics, patients may have an issue with legs. If it so, then any problem with the feet in diabetics should be taken seriously because the feet sensitivity gradually decreases. Therefore, even minor injuries in the feet could be dangerous for patients.

Eye Test

When the level of glucose in the blood is extended for a long time, then it directly affects the retina. This is called retinopathy. The damage to the eyes is not diagnosed easily, as for this the patient needs to be regularly checked. If the retinopathy is not treated, then the patient could lose his/her eyes and become blind. Many times the diabetic patients complain about blur vision. In such a case, the doctor should be contacted immediately.

To fight the problem of diabetes, people suffering from it should get the above five tests regularly done. With these tests, one can lead to a healthy life despite being a diabetic.

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