5 Detox Drinks You Must Have For Amazing Health Benefits

These super-healthy and refreshing detox drinks can help remove toxins from your body and keep you fit and healthy.

Parmita Uniyal
Written by: Parmita UniyalUpdated at: Jun 04, 2021 17:30 IST
5 Detox Drinks You Must Have For Amazing Health Benefits

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Just like eating healthy and nutrient-rich food goes a long way in keeping the body fit and disease-free, detoxifying it naturally every day with the right amount of fibre, anti-oxidants, water is equally important. Various toxins from environment and food accumulate in the body every day and they need to be released from the body to prevent many diseases. Our body has a natural mechanism to flush out these toxins through lungs, liver, digestive system, skin, kidneys etc. Keeping it hydrated, including fibre-rich foods, food with generous doses of essential vitamins and micronutrients could help boost this process and eliminate harmful toxins.

Gurinder Kaur, Certified Nutritionist and Expert in Weight Loss, PCOD, Thyroid suggests 5 detox drink recipes for removing body toxins, losing weight and keeping you refreshed in summers.

1. Cucumber And Mint Lemon Crush

The first and foremost would be cucumber and mint detox drink. This is the most basic and popular detox drink which can be made conveniently at home. Mint is known as the best ingredient for soothing an upset stomach and to speed up the digestion process. When cucumber and lemons are added to this drink, this cooler is as much a respite from the searing heat as from the toxic overload, due to its antioxidants.


  • Peel, chop and blend cucumber and mint leaves.
  • Add 1 cup of water. 
  • Strain the mix and discard the pulp.
  • Add lemon juice, black salt and dilute with water if needed. 
  • Put some ice cubes and garnish with lemon rings and mint leaves. 
  • Cucumber and mint lemon crush is ready to serve.

2. Pomegranate And Beetroot Juice

Both pomegranate and beetroot have a lot of significance in cleansing and detoxification. Beetroot with its many health benefits helps to detox the liver as it activates liver enzymes and increases bile. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and prevents liver from damage. While pomegranate has high antioxidants that also helps in body detoxification. 

Along with that pomegranate and beetroot are also very helpful if a person is dealing with low hemoglobin. But this drink needs to be consumed immediately when made and cannot be stored or taken along outside.


  • In a blender add pomegranate juice, chopped beetroot and blend. 
  • Add some black pepper and serve.
Detox Drinks

3. Lemon And Ginger Tea

Ginger is a good anti-inflammatory herb that's helpful in digestion and is also packed with anti-oxidants.  Lemon is a wonderful source of vitamin C, helps in weight loss and digestion. Hence a lemon ginger tea can be helpful in many ways in detoxification of body.


  • Heat 3 cups of water in a pan. 
  • Before it begins to boil add ginger, tea leaves, lemon juice and honey. 
  • Strain it into a cup and enjoy!

4. Detox Turmeric Tea

Tumeric tea with its blast of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, has numerous health benefits. It is a liver-cleansing spice, boosts body's immunity by improving liver function and strengthens immunity.


  • Take a bowl, add water and heat. Bring it to simmer and add 1/2 tsp haldi, 1/2 tsp ginger chopped, 1/4 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp honey. 
  • Keep boiling the water till it reduces to half. 
  • Serve hot.
Detox Drinks

5. Fruity Green Tea

Now that sounds like a delicious way to rid your body of toxins. It's a must-try with its mouth watering flavor and fragrance. Green tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants and fruit of your choice makes sure you get your dose of vitamins. Maybe for this summer, you can add chopped mangoes to your green tea. 


  • Take a glass of water in a pan 
  • Add one green tea bag and allow it to boil. 
  • Turn off the flame and let it reach room temperature. 
  • Pour your green tea in a glass and add chopped mangoes, ice cubes and a little honey. 
  • Serve chilled.

Adding fibre-rich and vitamin-packed drinks are always better than sugar-loaded fruit smoothies. The more natural you go with the ingredients, the better. Out of all these detox drinks, one can find what works best for them by consulting a nutritionist. 

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