Deep Wrinkles a Symptom of Low Bone Density

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Jun 09, 2011

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Wrinkle on woman face

Women who have deep wrinkles are likely to have weaker bones, latest research by Yale University School of Medicine says. The study was carried out by a researcher of Indian origin, Lubna Pal. It was found that since the same protein goes into the formation of skin as well as bones, there is a co-relation between furrowing of brows and bone health.


Researchers studied the number of furrows, their depth as well as firmness of skin in 114 women. These women had three years or less to go for their last menstrual period. To establish the co-relation, the bone densities of the women were also studied with special X-ray scans called DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) along with ultrasound.


The research was made more comprehensive by factoring in other causes of bone weakening such as age, body mass, smoking and lifestyle choices, racial origins and multivitamin intake. Lubna Pal, the director of reproductive aging and bone health program at Yale University in New Haven, USA, said that this connection may be based on the protein which is responsible for formation of both skin and bone tissues. This protein is lost with age and in women, it is at its lowest during menopause when levels of hormone are at their lowest.


This report was presented in the 2011 version of American Society of Endocrinolgy, Boston. There were some reservations raised on the research findings. Some sceptics raised the question that exposure to sun is supposed to make bones healthy and at the same time cause more wrinkles. So, how can weaker bones be a sign of good bone health, is their question. To this Lubna Pal responded, "We have just scratched the surface of this question," and said that with another year to go for the studies, more findings will put to rest the issues raised and confirm their initial findings.



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