Dads' parenting Style determines their Influence on Kids

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Sep 12, 2011

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Father play with childNew study has revealed that kids have a closer relationship with an authoritative dad as compared to an authoritarian. These kids continue to be close to their dads even into their adulthood. Authoritarian parents look to control each and every aspect of their kids’ life firmly while those who are “authoritative”, spell out certain rules and instructions and allow for discussion.


The study published in 2011’s June issue of Journal of Youth and Adolescence, used data collected from an extensive survey of college students from all over USA. Fathers and emerging adults were under the scanner. It was clear that dads who approached their kids with love and respect for their independence were able to place high expectations with least hostility. This brought the kids closer to their dads even after the transition from a child into an adult.


Compared to them, the authoritarian dads try to control their kids’ life too much and impose their decisions on them. A typical reaction of the authoritative dads when their kid is struggling to choose a major in college is not to tell them what it should be. According to Larry Nelson, family life professor at Brigham Young University, such dads will suggest a few options their kids may not have considered, point out the advantages of different courses, but leave the choice to them. When the child makes a decision, they will pat their back and congratulate them.


Nelson also mentioned that acoording to the study teens and young adults flourish better in situations when they do not have controlling parents. This style of parenting is better because in this way, kids beocme mroe willing to tell their parents about all that is going on in their lives. Young adults having been under the guardianship of a supportive dad were also found to be more likely to become kind and have better self worth than the grown-ups under an authoritarian dads. The dads who allowed the kids their freedom were able to know more about them.


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