Red Swollen Gums: Here Are The 3 Major Causes Behind It

Suffering from swollen red gums? Learn the three major culprits behind it.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jan 04, 2020Updated at: Jan 04, 2020
Red Swollen Gums: Here Are The 3 Major Causes Behind It

There you are, starting your early morning sessions with brushing your teeth and you suddenly notice a dismaying sight your gums around the tooth are turning red and appear to be swollen. An immediate question ponders your mind. How did this happen? How can I get rid of my inflamed gums?

You can leaf through the below-mentioned causes that are major culprits causing swollen red gums. You can also call them oral mishaps of your life.

Faulty Brushing Techniques


The major reason for swollen gums is due to your faulty brushing and flossing techniques. This leaves behind food particles causing them to get stuck up between the tooth and other neglected areas. This poor oral hygiene can also cause gum diseases, pale or red gums, bleeding gums and puss oozing out of the gums.

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Gingivitis is a contagion of the tissue that surrounds your teeth that causes swelling in and between the enamels. Mostly it can also cause bleeding while you brush your enamels. This infection is a major cause for gum disease and also can lead to pulling away of gums from the teeth, continuous bad breath can also cause the teeth to loosen up. In adverse cases, this deformity can also lead to red sore gums thus demanding you to immediately visit the dentist.

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Some expecting mothers can also experience soreness and redness in their gums during the process of gestation. The pregnancy hormones can alter the body’s reaction to microorganisms. This results in the formation of plaque leading to sensitive gums. Oral issues are very common in women who are in their second trimester. Hence a regular dental check-up is of prime significance.

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