Back pain is a gift of Modernism. Although it's not a big problem, but in absence of proper care it may cause lifetime complications.a


Cure Your Back Ache with Proper Posture and Yoga Asanas

Back pain is a gift of Modernism. Although it's not a big problem, but in absence of proper care it may cause lifetime complications.a

 Suneel Singh
Written by: Suneel SinghUpdated at: Jan 22, 2018 18:47 IST
Cure Your Back Ache with Proper Posture and Yoga Asanas

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Majority of people suffer from back pain. According to the Spine Society of India, about 10-15 percent people ie 15 crore people in India suffer from back pain. Our ancient sages had found its cure through Yoga, Asana and Pranayam.The rule "Prevention is better than cure" can keep us away from this problem. Back pain, a gift of so-called modernism, is caused due to carelessness, excessive labour, anxiety, bad posture while sitting or sleeping.

Backbone is called vertebral column. It gives support to rest of our skeletons. If due to some reasons, there is a problem in a vertebral column then we develop back pain, neck pain or sciatica pain. In the majority of women, it is caused due to menstrual problems, hormonal changes or in case of pregnancy. Our bed plays an important part in developing or getting rid of back pain.

Through these asanas and some precautions we can keep back pain away:


In this asana, our body looks like a snake, raising its hood. Hence, this is named so.


  • Lie on your belly, thighs, knees and foot should be united, stretch your toes outwardly and keep your hands near your armpits, elbows should touch the ground.
  • Now lift your upper torso above the ground, with the support of your hands, both elbows should be slightly bent and neck must be in backward position.
  • Hold in this position. Remember to keep your breath normal.
  • Do not stretch your physical limits too much and now come back to normal.
  • Practice at least 5 rounds of this asana.


  • This asana helps in neck pain, sciatica and back pain.
  • Tonsils and thyroid glands also remain healthy, stomach disorders are cured.
  • Back chest, heart, neck, shoulder and muscles get strong.
  • The liver is benefited.
  • It works like panacea in diabetes.


  • Avoid this practice of a hernia, ulcers or heart problems.
  • Pregnant women should practice under the guidance of a yoga guru.


Our body acquires the shape of shalabh or moth hence called shalabhasana.


  • Lie down on your stomach, put both your hands under thighs, the chin should be touching the ground.
  • Both legs should be stretched and united.
  • While inhaling and lifting lower and upper back along with head, neck and shoulder, the weight of the entire body would be in our hands.
  • Try to lift the thighs alone, as much as possible. Hold the breath and posture to your maximum and then come back slowly while exhaling.
  • This completes one cycle.
  • Practice  3-5 times.


  • This is the best exercise for the navel.
  • Our chest and shoulder become strong and broad.
  • This is good for digestive system and lower back becomes strong.
  • This asana helps female in the menstrual cycle, uterus problems and in conceiving.
  • It protects kidneys, intestines and pancreas.
  • It cures semen related problems.


  • Heart patients, high blood pressure patients, ulcer and hernia patients should avoid this.
  • NOTE: It is a slightly difficult yoga. So please avoid doing it hurriedly.


Our body takes the shape of a wheel or charka hence this is named chakrasana.


  • Lie on your back, touch your foot to your hips, both legs should have some space in between.
  • Put both palms near your head bending at elbows and wrist.
  • Now lift your back from the ground and move your knees towards the ground, backward.
  • Now with the help of hands and legs, lift your body in the air. Balance your hands and legs.
  • Try to rest your body on toes Stay in this position with ease.
  • Practice it thrice a day. Breathing should be normal.


  • This asana effects our backbone especially, it gives flexibility to our body also.
  • It is a boon for artists and dancers. This asana gives us energy and glazes to our body.
  • It cures shaking of hands, headache, stomach and back problems.
  • It strengthens foot, knees, thigh, wrists and palms.


Heart patients, high B.P, patients, pregnant women and the patients with menstrual cycle should avoid this.
Some specific precautions

  •     Balance your weight on both legs while standing.
  •     Avoid extra soft cushions, use a hard bed.
  •     Avoid wearing heels.
  •     Sit straight while driving.
  •     Avoid sleeping on belly; rather sleep on your back.
  •     Avoid physical labour in severe pain.
  •     Use hot water bag on affected areas during severe pain.
  •     Use footrest while working on a table in home/office.
  •     Take short breaks to stand up.

Meditate 10 minutes daily, enhance your tolerance power and try to forget the pain. About 10-15 percent people in India suffer from back pain; whereas, our ancient sages had found its cure through Yoga, Asanas and Pranayam.