COVID-19: Can Coronavirus Spread Through A Sneeze Or Touch?

Coronavirus is an infectious disease, children and the elderly are at greater risk of this infection.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 05, 2020 12:03 IST
COVID-19: Can Coronavirus Spread Through A Sneeze Or Touch?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) knock-in has created panic in India. The actions of the Center and all the state governments have intensified after new cases surfaced in Delhi-NCR. A total of 29 people have been infected with the virus in India so far. The latest case is from Gurgaon, where an employee of Paytm is infected with the coronavirus. (Paytm company gave its information on Wednesday). The statement issued by the company saying that the employee had recently returned from Italy (one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus).

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has scared people and at the same time, any fear or confusion related to health can make the situation worse. The biggest question about coronavirus is, how this disease is spreading so fast and how can we avoid this infection? So today, we will try to clarify all the aspects related to coronavirus infection.

Prevent Coronavirus

What is Viral Droplet?

According to Gary Whittaker, professor of virology at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, viral droplets are small germs that attach themselves to a cell and thus multiply. This cycle of infection goes on and on. When we sneeze, cough, laugh, talk or breathe, the virus is present inside the mucus and saliva released from the nose and mouth. When they do not come in contact with another person, it usually falls on the floor or the ground. On the other hand, if a person comes in contact, then he can infect it. At the same time, talking one-to-one or sharing food can also increase this danger.

The distance you need to maintain with the infected person

According to WHO, you must maintain a distance of at least three feet from a sick person (try to stay away from an infected person).

How to know if a person is infected?

cold cough

Often people do not even know that the person around them is suffering from an illness or is infected. In such a situation, it can be avoided by paying attention to common symptoms. Talking about common symptoms, they include cold, cough and flu. However, people without symptoms in the coronavirus case have also infected others. 

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Take special care of these things

  • Make sure you don't touch the railing as this is a natural way to get infected.
  • In the case of office and co-workers, you should stay away from people suffering from cold.

Romance and coronavirus

Experts believe kissing, hugging and romancing can spread the COVID-19 virus. But more details are being researched by WHO right now.

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How to prevent food from getting infected?

If a person is ill, you should keep a distance and also avoid taking food and water. However, the virus can be killed by heating the food.


Can it spread to our pets?

According to virology professor Gary Whittaker, there is currently no evidence that an infected person could be a threat to their pets. Currently, further research is going on on this subject.

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