Correct Way to Set Headphones on the Tummy for the Foetus

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Sep 13, 2011

Head phone in pregnancyThere are no studies that suggest that music would have any influence on baby’s intelligence but it has been found that the babies tend to remember the music heard before delivery. A study carried out by Leicester University showed that one year old children had a liking for the music heard in the womb compared to other types.

You do need to set the headphones the right way on your tummy to ensure that it does not cause any harm to the baby. If your child turns out to be a fussy one, the music heard before delivery could be a good way to soothe him. It could be a way to engage him and calm him whenever he is picky or acts naughty.


Advice for Placing Headphones on the Tummy for the Foetus


When to start


The ideal time to make your growing baby listen to music is after 24 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the hearing faculty of the foetus is well developed. The amniotic fluid surrounding the baby allows the sound to come through without altering its rhythm and melody, but the music would be somewhat muffled.


Length of headphone wires


The headphones should have wires that can stretch throughout the stretch of the protruding tummy. They should stay at their place comfortably. You may also get a low-priced headphone and snap them in half to lie easily on the tummy.


Type of music


You should choose soft and gentle music that have a soothing impact. Making your child attuned to such sounds before even being born can turn out a great gift as he prepares to face life after growing up. Since they like such kind of music when they’re in the womb they would continue liking it after they’re born and turn to it in case they’re stressed out. This leaves a soothing impact and helps them deal with demanding situations without panicking.

Volume of music being played


The volume of the music being played should be at a soft comfortable level for you. You should test it first in your ears to know its volume before placing on the tummy for the foetus. Abstain from playing it too loud.


Duration of playing music for the foetus


Expert recommendation from Prenatal University in California is that music for the foetus through headphones should not be played for more than an hour. If it is played for any longer than an hour, the foetus is most likely to be over stimulated and the natural sleep cycles can get disrupted.


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