Coping with Post-Divorce Trauma

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Oct 10, 2012

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Marriages are made in heaven and considered as the one of the most blissful episodes of life. But sometimes, it is not as heavenly as it may sound, often because of its end result. Yes, we are talking about divorce! Well, we all know that marriages which are not on healthy grounds are very agonising to deal with and often lead to depression. Post-divorce period can leave an unfathomed emptiness in your life.


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Getting a divorce is not trouble-free. Not because of the monetary or legal pains but also on the mental front. The process of divorce is bound to leave a traumatic effect on the mental health of both the partners, unmindful of whoever initiated it. The matter gets even worse when there is a fight between both the partners for the custody of their kids. The couples who undergo through the process of separation should handle their post-divorce period very cautiously.


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On the World Mental Health Day, we are focusing on the ways to recover from the post-divorce trauma. Here are few tips for those who are trying hard to get over this stress.

•    Find out more ways to stay happy. Although divorce has robbed your mental peace and happiness, it doesn’t mean that you isolate yourself from the outer world. Always stay mindful of your positive skills. Remember that these qualities will make you immune to the post-divorce pain.

•    Forget your sordid past, everything that you now regret. Never try to blame yourself or even your ex for what happened since it will only delay the healing process.

•    Go out with your friends and family members. An emotional reconnection with your loved ones is a great way to rejuvenate and is an immense boost for your mental health. A trusted friend can be of great help during the post-divorce period. But yes, be careful of discussing the divorce with anyone as you don’t want to re-live that.


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•    Try to engage yourself with a hobby for it will help to ease your stress. Go for social service or a drive to the country side. Spending time with your pets is also a great idea to get rid of depression; walk your pets and let them love you with all their might.

•    Try for an out-of-court settlement for the custody of your kids. This will not only reduce the hatred and stress between the two of you, but will also ensure a better future for the kids.

•    Stay away from negative advices.

While things will never be the same again, work towards your road to recovery. Let amnesty flow instead of animosity. It will help you to come out of the mental void.

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