Conversations for a Better Relationship

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Jan 25, 2013

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You may be in a healthy relationship, but there is still scope of making it better. The perfect recipe for a healthy relationship is the yearning to grow and evolve together day by day.

Conversations for a Better RelationshipEverything seems wonderful and right in place when you are in a smooth relationship. But, as times change, your relationship may not be how it is today. The journey to the perfect relationship is like a bumpy ride, with its ups and downs. How you connect with your partner or talk about in your relationship is the determinant of your relationship’s status.


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Conversations to make a relationship grow overtime should always be fun and exciting. It is not about sweet talks of falling in love or mush, but about things that bind you two together to build a perfect relationship over time.


  • Every day events and activities: Do you devote time to discuss your life as it happens every day?  If not, take some time out of your schedule to talk to each other so that both of you are aware of what is going on in either of your life; discuss about it and understand each other. This is often ignored by couples and as a result, the relationship slides downhill.


  • Movies and television shows are perfect conversation starters: Talk about movies and TV shows and you will never realise how hours fly by. The best part is you and your partner will have a fresh perspective every day.


  • Hobbies and interests: Do you like solving puzzles or have a keen interest in games or paintings? Whatever your interests and hobbies are, let your partner know about them. You may find a common connection somewhere. It will help you understand the likes and dislikes of your partner.


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  • Talk about what you look forward to in life: Like you have certain goals in life, your partner will have them too. You will know what your partner wants to do in the future. That way, you can also involve or pair your future plans with them. You may also help your partner move closer to his/her goals.


  • A silent communication: Actions speak louder than words. Gestures not only make communication interesting, but also save you the awkward feeling of having nothing to talk about.


  • A place you always want to explore with your partner: Talk about a getaway spot or a holiday destination that you always wanted to explore with your partner. A weekend together at your favourite destination can be fun. Besides, it adds to the bonding.


  • Habits and lifestyle: It is a good to talk about your lifestyle and habits with a partner, especially in a new relationship. It could be what you like doing in the weekends, games you like, type of movies that fascinate you or pets. A conversation on each other’s lifestyle and interests will not only acquaint you with your partner, but also give an idea on how to please him/her.


  • Break the suspense of past relationships: If you trust your partner and don’t want to hide anything from his/her, you can talk about your past relationships when the time is right. Avoid it if you’re a few months into a new relationship. Hiding about past relationships or revealing them too soon may cause confusions and damage a new relationship.


  • Managing finances and investments to secure future: Finances and money is one of the issues that play a part in building a relationship. You can put forth your plans of financial investments and spending before your partner.


  • Raising kids and looking after parents: Discuss with your partner about family matters such as when you want to have a baby and how you want to raise them. If you already have kids, plan their lives ahead. Moreover, you can talk about looking after parents who are growing old.


  • Intellectual conversations about life to understand each other: Intellectual conversations about life will help you understand your partner’s behaviour. Emotional growth will help you come close gradually.


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Every relation is fun and exciting initially with a little hint of a long term relationship. You may seem your relationship is perfect. Talking with your partner diverges both of you from two roads to one.

A perfect relationship is when two people are in love with each other and understand each other more than anyone else. It is time for you to talk heart-to-heart with your partner.



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