Contraception vs Natural Family Planning

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Apr 28, 2011

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A number of differences exist between Contraception and Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods and the debate regarding their success rates still prevails. Contraception methods through the use of condoms, Intraintra- uterine devices and hormonal pills continue to take the upper hand for its their higher success rate compared to the natural family planning methods. In general, Natural natural Family family Planning planning is a doctrine laid by the Roman Catholic Church. The Church that strictly prohibits contraception that as it is not in accordance with the Christian belief of not creating any artificial barrier in during procreation.


Natural infertility in nursing mothers and abstaining from sex occasionally are the only permissible natural family planning methods approved by the Catholic Church. But, whether it is enough to lower the rate of HIV and other sexual diseases is a million dollar question!  Having multiple sex partners and infidelity do violate the sanctity of marriage and are not approved by any religion. Proper family planning allows an enjoyable and responsible parenthood without any encumbrance.

Presently, studies and statistics have revealed the amazing success rate in family planning through natural family planning (NFP) methods. Reports from a reputed European online medicine journal based on reproduction science have revealed interesting facts of natural family planning following the natural Symptothermal Method (STM) of family planning.

Peter Frank Hermann, assistant Assistant professor Professor and managing Managing director Director of the natural Natural fertility Fertility sectionSection, Department of Gynaecological Endocrinology of University of Heidelberg, Germany highly rates STM method with statistics revealing surprisingly low pregnancy rates of women at about 0.4%.


Contraception vs. Natural Family Planning:

  • Pros and cons equally weigh on both contraception and Natural Family Planning with the former having more acceptances for its easier adoption processes.
  • Natural Family family Planning planning methods are the safest that and do not cause any harmful side effects while artificial contraception methods through hormonal pills, Intra intra-uterine device and other surgical interventions can pose health problems of varying degrees. Contraception methods should be undertaken under the medical supervision.
  • Both Natural Family Planning and Contraception cannot prevent the spread of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and HIV/AIDS completely., whereas The use of condoms has been successful in lowering the HIV infections and can prevent further spread of the STDs or AIDS. Natural Family family Planning planning cannot provide such an effective protection,. Thoughthough condoms cannot guarantee 100% protection from unwanted pregnancies or STDs either from unwanted pregnancies or STD.
  • Natural family protection methods are mainly based on fertility awareness and the couple should be watchful about ovulation period, change in the appearance of cervical mucus and basal body temperature indicative of the fertile period of a woman. The much hyped Symptothermal method is a very effective method of Natural natural Family family Protectionprotection, but it requires regular monitoring and charting of the changes in cervical mucus and body temperature, counting the days of menstrual cycle., All this is  which is quite a tedious job and prone to errors. Contraception, on the other hand, is easily accessible through the use of the condoms and hormonal pills of which condoms provide the safest and easiest method of family planning.
  • Hormonal pills and condoms have been much more effective in checking population overgrowth growth and overburdened parenthood through mass health awareness programs in the developing countries. Natural Family family Protection protection methods have not yet generated a good response from the masses.


The sole objective of Contraception and natural family planning lies in providing enjoyable parenthood, maintaining healthy family conditions and checking population explosion,explosion, detrimental to the growth of the country and global economy. Benefits of mankind must always rule in every scientific and natural approach irrespective of class, colour and religion.



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