Common Worries during Pregnancy

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Aug 19, 2011

Pregnant womanPregnancy and worries go hand in hand. Some women starts worrying as soon as she discovers her pregnancy. Such worries are more common in women who have become pregnant for the first time. The best way to combat pregnancy worries is to be fully informed about pregnancy. Right information can go long way to ward of unnecessary worries.


Fear of Miscarriage

One of the most common worry during pregnancy is fear of miscarriage. It is important to take extra care, in the early stages of pregnancy but there is no need to stress out. One of the common misconceptions about miscarriage is that it occurs only due to things done by mother. Bad eating habits, lifestyle issues and mismanagement of any underlying illness can lead to miscarriage.  Large number of miscarriages is caused due to foetus abnormalities. So there is no use of worrying about miscarriages just take care of yourself and be happy.


Pregnancy Symptoms

Women start worrying about pregnancy symptoms much before they actually experience them. Morning sickness, fatigue and mood swings are common during pregnancy and so do are their treatment. You can either take medicines or opt for home remedies to combat such problems.


Labour and Delivery

Almost all the pregnant women are worried about painful labour experience. But it is absolutely normal and the best part is that it is temporary and forgotten by women soon after delivery.


Travelling during Pregnancy


There is no point to worry about travelling instead you make every effort to make it safe. Frequently move around, have low calorie diet, comfortable seat and carry all your medical reports with you. Pregnant woman can safely travel till thirty sixth week. However, it is wise to consult your doctor before planning any trip.


Diet during Pregnancy

Healthy diet is very essential during pregnancy. If you are pregnant then you must be getting various suggestions regarding your eating habits and their effect on your child. But before fixing to any diet plan it is better to consult your gynaecologist. You must avoid junk and deep fried food. Make sure that your diet contains more of fibre, essential vitamins and minerals.


Exercise during pregnancy

Common worry associated with exercise during pregnancy is regarding its ill effect on baby. When done in right manner, exercise prepares you body for childbirth. It helps to strengthen muscles and build endurance. For maximum benefits you can sign up a class for pregnancy exercises.


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