Common Mistakes That Lead To Hair Loss

There are some common mistakes that people make which lead to hair loss. Know the best trick to detangle your hair from an expert. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jun 03, 2021
Common Mistakes That Lead To Hair Loss

Too much hair loss or hair loss can be a sign of a health condition or can be caused due to many factors, including Vitamin D deficiency. Hair loss is usually linked to stress. However, when hair loss is severe, it can also be due to a disease or even a nutrient deficiency. Many Vitamin D rich foods and nutrients can have an impact on the health of your hair. If you experience hair loss, you should take a healthy diet, reduce stress and even supplements, if required. However, sometimes, one might be making mistakes in handling their hair. You need to manage your hair with care from washing to detangling, in order to prevent hair loss. Keep reading to know about the common mistakes that lead to hair loss and what is the best trick to detangle your hair. 

Common mistakes that lead to hair loss 

Excessive hair fall can be caused by certain illnesses, hormonal changes, overusage of hair products that have chemicals in them, or a poor diet. One does not realise that they lose a lot of hair just by combing it the wrong way. So, here are 4 common mistakes that lead to hair loss: 

1. Detangling hair after shampooing or washing

You hair is at its weakest stage when wet, which can also make it easier to tangle. Combing and too much pulling of tangled and wet hair can increase the risk of hair breakage and major hair loss. To avoid this mistake, you can try combing your hair before wetting them in the shower.  And, you can also try combing your hair while taking the shower. Apply the conditioner first and then detangle the hair strands with only your fingers, and then you can use a wide-toothed comb right before washing.

2. Back combing your hair regularly 

back combing

You must know that back combing your hair regularly can also detangle your hair pretty badly and eventual hair loss. Some people back-comb their hair from the roots working towards the ends. This hairstyling technique adds volume and texture to your hair, but can lead to immense damage. Its regular use can affect your hair cuticles, which hence, can also disturb your hair’s quality, resulting in frizzy hair and more breakage and hair loss. To get more volume without the damage, you can apply light chemical hair sprays, which help you in getting a similar hairstyle. 

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3. Combing hair from the roots down 

If you comb your hair, you should always start from the middle and then glide downwards. Move the comb upwards or near the roots only when they are completely untangled in the bottom half. If you start combing your hair from the roots, there can be too much tangles on the route to the bottom. This can cause strain on your scalp, and result in hair breakage. This makes your hair and roots weak, and leads to excessive hair fall.

4. Combing after applying hair product 

Combing after applying any hair product is a common mistake that people make. One should never comb just after applying a hair paste serum or cream for treatment or hairstyling. You should only use your fingers to comb through your hair once you apply any hair product. If you use a comb after the application of a hairstyling product, it not only loses its effectiveness, but can also damage  your hair and its texture. Eventually, it will lead to more breakage and hair loss with time. 

Best trick to detangle your hair

Are your hair full of tangles and you want the best way to detangle them? Sam Villa, Redken Education artistic director talked about the best trick for brushing out tangled hair easily in his YouTube video. The main aim is to firstly understand the paddle brush. If the shape of the detangling brush is flat, the pins coming up from the cushion are aligned in rows when you hold the brush and look at it vertically. If you hold the brush horizontally, the pins are not aligned. He calls it the "forest of trees." Here are the  steps you need to follow: 

1. When you turn the brush horizontally, the pins do not align and this is how you should hold the brush when you are wrap drying hair or if you require more tension.

2. When you turn the brush vertically, the pins align and by holding the detangling brush vertically, it will help the brush to easily glide through the hair, detangling them without hair loss. 

3. Hold the brush vertically (pins lined up) and only use the first few rows of pins to gently brush in a downward motion.

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4. Because the pins are aligned and you're using less rows of pins within the brush, the tangles will come out with less effort and it will prevent the brush from pulling the hair and/or creating more tangles.

These were the steps that you can follow to detangle your hair easily at home. And, make sure to not make the above listed mistakes as they lead to hair loss. Other factors that one needs to take care about are reducing stress and consuming a healthy diet. 

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