Watch Out For These 7 Common Habits That May Be Damaging Your Kidneys

Certain daily habits might risk your kidney health. Understand these risky habits.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 17, 2022Updated at: Jul 17, 2022
Watch Out For These 7 Common Habits That May Be Damaging Your Kidneys

Kidneys perform one of the most important body functions: elimination of bodily waste. Be it excess fluids or food waste, kidneys expel everything that is not needed by our body. Healthy kidneys maintain a healthy body equilibrium by retaining water, minerals, and salts. Kidney malfunction can bring your body to a halt by causing malfunction in muscles, neurons, and body tissues. Sadly, most people unknowingly harm their kidneys through everyday habits. In this article, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, CEO- Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital tells about certain frequent habits that put kidneys at risk.

Taking painkillers frequently

A headache or body pain may tempt you to pop a painkiller, but it is better to avoid it. Taking painkillers frequently or on a daily basis for even mild pains can be hazardous to your kidneys. You may even end up with kidney cancer.(Click here for 7 Habits To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy)

Not drinking enough water

Inadequate consumption of water not only causes dehydration but it may also lead to kidney stones in the long run. Since kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste from the body, they require a sufficient amount of water to perform the function. Due to any inadequacy, kidneys may not be able to flush out all the waste and this may lead to formation of kidney stones. So, make sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

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Overconsumption of processed foods

Common Habits That Can Damage Kidneys

If you are a fan of burgers, pizzas, chips and fries, it is time to practice control. Fast foods and processed foods can be bad for your kidneys. Since processed foods are high in salt (sodium) and phosphorus, that affects blood pressure and eventually hampers kidney functions. Your kidneys may not be able to flush out fluid waste and this can cause long-term kidney damage.

Not Doing Enough Exercise

Did you know exercising can prevent kidney stones? Poor physical activity can impair kidney functions. Dr. Chatterjee shares that some form of activity, be it walking or exercising daily, can keep your kidneys healthy. People who have kidney issues like chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, etc. must stay active to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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Excessive salt consumption

If you are someone who likes salty food, it might not be healthy for your body, particularly your kidneys. Sodium in salt increases blood pressure and that directly affects your kidneys. So, instead of including too much salt in your diet, add herbs and spices. These would enhance the taste and compensate for salt.

Habits That Can Damage Kidneys


Alcohol is bad for your health. It not just damages your liver but also kidneys. Drinking alcohol in excess increases your risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Dr. Chatterjee says that drinking more than four drinks a day on a regular basis increases kidney damage risk by 200%.

Not eating a balanced diet

Deficiency of certain vitamins including vitamin D and vitamin B6 can also cause kidney diseases. Thus, consuming vitamin B6-rich foods is extremely important. Add chickpeas, potatoes, and salmon to your everyday diet to replenish B6. For vitamin D, you must spend 15-20 minutes in the morning sun for natural vitamin D since it cannot be obtained from your diet otherwise.

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