Colon Hydrotherapy Tips

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Jun 26, 2012

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There may be instances when you notice that you have irregular bowel movement that cause you immense discomfort. Colon hydrotherapy, in such instances, is the best suited solution to bid the colon trouble goodbye.

Take a look at how colon hydrotherapy works.

Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Colon hydrotherapy or colon cleansing is the process of removal of faecal wastes and toxins from the intestinal tract and colon.
  • In this process, water is drawn towards the colon so that the waste is washed off.
  • Colon hydrotherapy is also counted one among the easiest ways to burn fat.
  • Colon hydrotherapy could be done in two ways i.e. either  by a colon hydrotherapist in a clinical setting or an enema at home.
  • An enema kit is used in colon hydrotherapy to inject water into the colon using equipment.
  • Follow-up after the procedure is very crucial to ensure that everything returns back to normal. Herbal supplements should be combined with drinking water to ensure optimal health after the cleansing process is over.

Colon Hydrotherapy at Home

  • Most health experts believe that hydrotherapy when given at home is safe and healthy. Individuals willing to clean their colon may buy reusable enema kits from a medical drug store.
  • Diet is closely related to colon hydrotherapy. Therefore, diet for each day should be monitored.
  • If you have any medical condition, consult a physician to determine the feasibility of hydrotherapy at home.

Dietary Considerations

  • There are several ways in which one can make hydrotherapy at home more comfortable with food choices. Filtered water or coffee helps the liver release bile so that the colon detoxes easily.
  • Aloe vera juice or probiotic supplements such as acidophilus lactobacillus are other food options to refine digestion and enable the absorption of food within the large intestine. These supplements serve the purpose of colon hydrotherapy, which is to clear waste from the colon and improve digestion.
  • A well-balanced diet, being hydrated and engaging in physical activities should not be ignored when looking forward to re-establishing normal, daily bowel movement.

Risks of Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Colon hydrotherapy could be performed in several ways. Some of the ways of colon cleansing, however, may accompany health hazards.
  • If enema kit isn’t properly sterilised, rectum could be damaged. If proper hygiene is not followed, the person may run the risk of developing amoebiasis.
  • Colon hydrotherapy has also been associated with electrolyte imbalances and heart attacks.
  • Frequent colon cleaning and hydrotherapy is highly likely to interfere with the functioning of colon. The dependence on enema may increase with frequent cleansing.


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