Colon Hydrotherapy: The Naturopathic way to Healthy Living

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Feb 05, 2013

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Colon Hydrotherapy or a colonic irrigation is done to cleanse the colon (large intestine). This is a safe and effective method to remove stored fecal matter, gas mucus and toxic substances from the colon. In this form of alternative therapy filtered, sterilized and temperature regulated water is administered into the intestine, which then loosens the waste in the colon and helps to eliminate it by natural contractions of the intestinal muscles. Colon therapy helps to removes toxic substances from the intestine by a safe and sanitary method. One session of hydrotherapy is equal to about 30 times of enema.


It is important to clear the colon as the waste in the colon is fairly toxic (poisonous), so if this waste is not removed it can re–enter and circulate in our blood making us feel ill, tired or weak. In addition the accumulated waste in the colon impairs the body’s ability to assimilate minerals and bacteria– produced vitamins and causes constipation.


Benefits of Colon hydortherapy include;

  • Cleansing of colon, removes the toxic material so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste from your body. This is in fact a kind of colonic rejuvenation treatment.
  • It helps to detoxify the whole system and helps to release mental stress and fatigue
  • It rejuvenates the body and helps to prevent diseases.
  • It is useful in treating chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, digestive disorders, migraine, constipation, obesity etc.

Along with colon therapy it is important to take adequate intake of nutrients and do regular exercise.



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