Doctor Verified Tips To Treat Tummy Torment In Toddlers

Compared to other illnesses, noroviruses can live for days on household surfaces, which is why they can spread easily.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Apr 29, 2020 19:13 IST
Doctor Verified Tips To Treat Tummy Torment In Toddlers

Now just imagine this, it is a typical morning and you are as usual busy completing your daily household chores! And also ensuring that your child isn’t late. Moreover, amidst all this, you suddenly hear your little one crying in pain, “Mummy my stomach is paining”, “Momma, I am not feeling well”. Belly and stomach aches are one of the most natural and common complaints that come from your toddlers. However, it is a challenging situation for every mom! Because usually parents and kids are unaware of this pain and suffering. What parents do? They usually comprehend why do stomach aches plague so many kids and how can one as a parent help relive their kid from this discomfort. Nothing is worse than being bent in a washroom and throwing up. Below there are symptoms listed, that cause stomach aches in children.

4 Easy Ways to treat Stomach Flu in children


Make sure your children drink the right fluids

Your kid must drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Older children (obviously along with water) can drink energy sports drinks, while babies and toddlers can have an ORS or oral rehydration solution (as suggested by their paediatrician). If your kid has been throwing up continuously, then you can try to give them a few teaspoons of fluid in a gap of every few minutes. Make sure that you avert your kid from augmented sugar content drinks, such as sodas and juices which can worsen the diarrhoea impacts.

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Feed the right kind of foods

Have you ever noticed this sign? Your child doesn't have an appetite! Ensure that you make them drink only liquids for a brief time. Also, boiled form starches such as potatoes, rice, and oats are suggested mostly for every type of kid (if they have watery diarrhoea). Another good option is the consumption of boiled vegetables. "Rarely if the child is unable to take food, it might be necessary to admit and give intravenous fluids, especially when significant dehydration is there. The best foods after the stomach flu are bananas, rice and khichdi, which are easily digestible. Other drinks like apple juice or carbonated beverages can make vomiting or diarrhoea worse and hence best avoided during diarrhoeal and vomiting episodes. The stomach flu usually lasts between one and three days and rarely a week sometimes. The most important aspect is to make sure the child is well hydrated in such times" said Dr Ramani Ranjan, Consultant, Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospital, Noida.

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Evade your kid from eating heavy foods


Till the time your kid feels better, it is best to evade them from certain foods. These include caffeine, dairy products, highly and fatty processed edibles. The best way to treat tummy torment (also known as gastroenteritis) in kids is adequate hydration and rest for hydration, Wwhichformula ORS should be given at regular intervals. It’s not advisable to give your child any medicine except ORS. Generally, tummy torment happens because of viral infections and antibiotics won’t help unless the doctor feels it is of bacterial origin based on clinical features. Usually, we let the virus run their course as most episodes are self-limiting. If vomiting is troublesome doctor may advise certain medicines based on age and weight of child; however, in most cases, even vomiting is self-limiting".

Get enough rest

Body dehydration or sickness drains out a lot of energy from the kid making them feel tired. Ensure a sufficient amount of rest, as it will help recover your child fast. Do you know why the stomach flu is caused? It is due to several bugs, germs and mainly norovirus, that accounts for more than 50% of all such cases, and others, (such as rotavirus). Viruses, like E. coli and salmonella, can also trigger such condition in kids. The most common symptoms that indicate towards a stomach pain in your toddler is nausea, extreme abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea accompanied by constant throwing up.

(Inputs by Dr Atish Laddad, Founder & Director- Docterz)

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