Chemotherapy may Impair Speech in Breast Cancer Patients

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Sep 10, 2012

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Chemotherapy may Impair Speech in Breast Cancer Patients

A study published in the Clinical Oncology journal suggests that chemotherapy may impair speech in breast cancer patients. Breast cancer patients who pursue or have pursued chemotherapy are at risk of mild cognitive deficits such as speech impairment. The objective of the study was to clarify existing researches on cognitive functioning in patients who had received standard dose of chemotherapy.

The study conducted at the Moffitt Cancer Centre examined cognitive functioning in breast cancer survivors, who had received standard dose chemotherapy for breast cancer at least six months. Scientists observed that survivors had mild impairments or no impairments in verbal abilities difficulty choosing words and visuospatial abilities such as getting lost more easily. The study also noted the impact of standard chemotherapy on other cancer forms, which was severe as cancer patients had more pervasive deficits. [Read: How does Chemotherapy Works]

Lead author of the study, Heather S L Jim, suggested that the patients treated with chemotherapy and having subsequent cognitive deficits must see a neuropsychologist for better management of the cognitive deficits.

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