Cheat Day Vs Cheat Meal: Which Is Better For Weight Loss

Both cheat day and cheat meal should be introduced with caution to avoid unwanted weight gain.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Apr 11, 2023 18:36 IST
Cheat Day Vs Cheat Meal: Which Is Better For Weight Loss

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Whenever we see a fit person or a gym junkie eating some outside food, we often get surprised, wondering how they can afford to eat junk food. If you ask them how they are eating something outside of their diet, they will explain that this cheat is part of their diet. The only difference is that dieters plan their cheat day or cheat meal in advance to avoid unwanted weight gain. Cheat meals are an important part of any diet and are required to keep the dieting process interesting. The problem is that many people are unsure whether they should have one cheat meal or one full day.

So, before you go out for brunch or binge on junk food, let's first understand the difference between a cheat day and a cheat meal, which is better for weight loss, and how often you can have them.

What Is A Cheat Day?

A cheat day is a favourite day for people who diet frequently. The majority of dieters plan to have a cheat day on Sunday because that is when they take off from working out and having those extra calories on a rest day can help the process. On cheat days, a person may consume whatever they desire to reboot the system. For example, a person could have pancakes for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and a pint to end the day. The only requirement is that a person not exceed their maintenance calories.

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What Is A Cheat Meal?

Unlike a cheat day, where you can do whatever you want, a cheat meal is a little different. A person is advised to cheat only during one meal, and only at a specific time. Cheat meals are typically introduced during the day to avoid bloating. For example, a person's diet might include oats for lunch, but during a cheat meal, they can eat whatever they want as long as they don't overeat. Cheat meals are an essential part of any diet because they help break the plateau.

Cheat Day Vs Cheat Meal: Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

Both cheat day and cheat meal serve the purpose of breaking the cycle of eating the same foods and rebooting the system. Which of the two is superior depends entirely on the individual's goal and current transformation progress. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you can have one cheat meal every 10 days to avoid boredom or a weight loss plateau, but if you believe your weight has plateaued, having a cheat day, in that case, is necessary to shock your metabolism. To sum up, cheat days are introduced in extreme situations when results slow down, but cheat meals can be planned at any time to avoid boredom.

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How Often One Can Have A Cheat Meal Or Cheat Day?

Cheat meals and cheat days are both weapons in your arsenal that should only be used when necessary. If you believe you get bored with the same foods, you can have one cheat meal every 15 days and a cheat day once every 40 days.

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