Feeling Nauseated Early Morning: Know What Causes It & How To Deal With It

You may feel nauseous if pregnant or suffer from low blood sugar levels, dehydration, hunger, or other mental health conditions. 

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Jan 06, 2023 13:15 IST
Feeling Nauseated Early Morning: Know What Causes It & How To Deal With It

Do you face uneasiness in your stomach or feel like throwing up after you wake up? Pregnancy is the most common cause of morning nausea. In addition, most people feel nauseous in the morning due to fatigue, dehydration, or hunger. Saliva buildup in the mouth, sweating, and giddiness may be other signs of morning nausea. 

Causes Of Nausea In The Morning

Hunger Or Dehydration

You may feel nauseous in the morning if you are hungry or dehydrated. Dehydration may lead to other health conditions like exhaustion, dizziness, and many more. 

Fatigue & Poor Sleep

You may feel fatigued if you haven’t slept enough, which may lead to morning nausea. Not getting enough sleep can affect your digestive system as well.

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Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or heartburn is one of the causes behind you feeling nauseous in the morning. It is a condition where the stomach produces acid and moves to the upper region of the oesophagus.


Pregnant women generally feel nauseous in the morning around the sixth week of their pregnancy or even earlier. 


If you are dealing with anxiety, you may experience morning nausea as these emotions are in your gut.

Low Blood Sugar

You may face morning nausea if you have low blood sugar levels. Hunger can further lower your blood sugar levels; therefore, filling your stomach is the most suitable option after you wake up. This occurs when people have long gaps between their dinner and breakfast. 


Migraine or other headaches can be another reason for you feeling nauseous in the morning. 

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You can also feel nauseous if you consume a lot of alcohol at night. 

Tips To Manage Morning Nausea

  • You should eat something as soon as you wake up, as hunger is one of the causes of morning nausea. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated always, and drink water after you wake up.
  • Avoid heavy meals or foods with extra fats at night as your body takes longer to digest food. You should try sleeping with your head elevated. 
  • You should avoid consuming alcohol at night.
  • Consume sugary foods like fruit juice to maintain your blood sugar levels which can lead to morning nausea. 
  • Maintain a healthy sleeping schedule by waking and sleeping at fixed hours. 
  • Practice exercise to reduce stress and anxiety, which can help you get relief from morning nausea. 
  • If you face morning nausea during pregnancy, try changing your diet. You should add more fluids to your diet, or you may even take an antacid. However, consult your doctor while making any dietary changes during pregnancy.

When Should You Visit A Doctor

Morning nausea is usually not a cause of concern if it occurs once a couple of days. However, you should visit your doctor if it happens every day, as it may indicate an underlying disease. If your vomit contains blood or you vomit repeatedly or you have a high fever, severe headache, or dark stool, seek help from your doctor immediately.


Morning nausea usually is not considered dangerous and fades away with good lifestyle measures. However, if you face severe morning nausea that occurs frequently, you should seek help from your doctor.