Cat Stretch Exercise: Know How And Why This Yoga Pose Is A Back Pain Reliever

Backaches can be aided with the help of the right exercise and guidance. Yoga can help in making the back better, but caution is a must.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Aug 18, 2020Updated at: Aug 18, 2020
Cat Stretch Exercise: Know How And Why This Yoga Pose Is A Back Pain Reliever

The mind-body ecosystem tends to lack harmony due to the fast-paced modern lifestyle. This adaptation brings with itself various predicaments, in the form of stress, trauma, and several other ailments. Most of these problems are related to our spinal cord or ‘Merudand’, which is directly responsible for our physical, mental, and spiritual existence. Cat Pose, also known as ‘Bidalasana’, is one of the most sought after yoga pose to strengthen the spine and heal the back. In its pure kinetic form, the cat pose is done in complete synchronization with ‘Prana’ or breath.


Why Do We Get Back Pains?

It is now ingrained in our work natures to work in enclosed spaces for longer times, sitting in improper postures, sleeping poorly and fewer workout habits, poor diets, etc., which makes our spinal health bad to worse over a period of time. This leads to back pain and spinal injuries when not taken care of in time. Hence, here comes the need for one to do a cat yoga pose, but to achieve perfection and relief, one needs to know how to do this yoga pose for easing out back pain.

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How To Do The Cat Stretch Pose?

By doing this asana, the flexibility of the spine and back muscles remains. Here’s how the cat pose is done:

  • Sit in vajrasana, stand on your knees.
  • Lean in the forward direction. Place the hands with the palms down tightly placed on the floor. Make sure that your fingers are facing forward. 
  • Hands should be kept in the same line as the knees. This is when you are in the starting position of the cat stretch pose. 
  • Take a deep breath in and raise the back upward, by first going downward. Come in a concave shape. 
  • Without forcing, come into the position, filling the lungs with air. Hold the position for a minimum for 3 seconds. 
  • Exhale slowly, keeping the spine towards the ceiling, and the hands firmly pressed on the ground. 
  • The head should be turned inward, looking between the knees. Do not bend your hands in this process. 


Cat Pose Also Helps In?

The cat pose will also strengthen the gastrointestinal tract and empower the female reproductive system. The asana is tremendously beneficial in mitigating pain and trauma arising from menstrual cramps, herniated disk, and sciatica, while also releases built-up tension from the upper and lower back, due to poor postures in the regular life. However, regular practice is required to master the art and see the difference. You will see how while making the movement, you will feel better blood flowing and circulation to the discs between the vertebrae. This helps in relaxing the mind and also getting rid of the pain.


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A regular practice of this cat pose can enhance the flexibility of the shoulder, spine, neck, hips, abdomen, chest, etc. It helps maintain the core muscles while balancing the primary and secondary curves of the spinal extension. Hence, if back pain is your constant enemy, then do not forget to try out this cat pose for relief and relaxation.

With inputs from Yoga Expert Mr. Manu Singh, Chief Mentor, Varenyum

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